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Wind Turbine Installed and Operating on the Homestead A Wind Turbine Is A Beautiful Thing To See Hello YouTube just wanted to show you the windmill wind turbine. It is up in an operation. It’s, a beautiful thing to see the solar panels there and then the wood, stove and then up here we have the wind turbine yesterday was raining all […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Starting a Campfire: A How-To For Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, & Bushcraft Basic Campfire Starting What’s up guys. Like in the woods here and today I bring you the beginners guide to starting the campfire. Now I know that for you more experienced viewers, it may seem obvious now but think back to when you first started. I bet some of your first few campfires, where […]

Can a Drone Chase a FLYING ARROW?! Can You Hit The Side Of A Barn With Your Arrow Go that was awesome! Hey guys… welcome to Rotor Ride. Today we’re gonna see if a drone can chase an arrow. How’d you miss the barn it’s, huge. Firefighters pull eight-foot boa constrictor from claremont residence. There are not only venomous snakes out […]

How I Pack My Backpack For An Overnight Hiking Trip Backpack Packing Basics Let me grab my rain jacket. I think that’s it. So here I have basically everything laid out that I’m gonna need for two days backpacking. This could also be upwards of three four or five days of backpacking as well. The basics are kind of the same. The only thing […]

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