I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)

My Metal Detecting Passion

Something I always wanted to do since I was a kid and I finally bought like a real deal, waterproof metal detector and it’s actually waterproof up to, like, I think, 300 feet deep, but what’s also really cool is that when I’m searching in a spot, I could potentially find a real deal like a gold diamond ring that’s worth a lot of money. And with three people out here searching, I honestly think we’re gonna get super lucky and find something awesome.

So before we get out there and start metal detecting, I actually want to dive out there and search the area and see what I can see. I’m gonna look at all the fish, see if I can come across a turtle or a dolphin or something, but let’s get out there, swim around, and then we’ll, come back out and then start metal detecting.

Um… so we just got done diving and it was so beautiful man. We saw a bunch of fish that I’ve, never seen before in my life. But now that I have the metal detector, I’m ready to get out there and hopefully find my first ring of the day.

My Metal Detecting Gear

Now before we get out there and start metal detecting for lost treasure, let me show you guys all the gear I’ll, be using today to hopefully find some good stuff down there. So to start things off, I have the big metal detector and what’s cool about this metal detector is it has discrimination modes, meaning like I can fine tune it to find just gold and other precious metals?

This right here is the second metal detector I’m going to be using today and it’s called a pinpointer. It’s going to pinpoint the precise location of something I find with a big metal detector. This actually has like a bigger search area, and sometimes I find myself looking for a long time trying to find whatever I’m reading on this device, and then I just whip this thing out and just pinpoint the location with it very easily, so this just does save me a lot of time

And last but not least, I have my goggles and my camera on top, so I can record and share all my adventures with you guys here on YouTube.

I’m really excited to find my first ring in Hawaii. But honestly, I really think we’re gonna find a bunch of rings here and I’m super excited to team up with the guys. And there’s no telling what we’re gonna find today, so hopefully we get lucky.

Setting Up The Prank – Brandon’s First Time Metal Detecting

So today’s gonna be my first time metal detecting. I even bought a metal detector. Just like Jake’s. I’m, really excited to see what we can find today. Hopefully I can find something really valuable out here, so Brandon just dived into the water to start metal detecting and I looked over – and I saw Tristan over here on the edge of the bushes, and I thought it should be a great opportunity to tell you guys what we’re going to be doing to Brandon today. So for some reason we always like picking on Brandon and Frank and Brandon. So the other day, while they were fossil hunting, Jake pranked Brandon with a huge shark tooth.

Oh my gosh, dude whoa whoa… look at this thing – can you imagine. So we thought that it’s only right that we’re in Hawaii searching for rings with these metal detectors and that he finds his first ring, but it’s fake.

So we went to Walmart and we bought Walmart’s like best looking most expensive ring. They had that ring that looks like it’s thousands of dollars. I’ve, been hyping Brandon up like we, I was sounding like we could potentially find gold diamond rings that’s worth, you know, tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s really true, and that’s 100% true. Like this place is seriously one of the world’s most popular beaches, like I said, and just, you know, millions of people come out here the chances of finding something that’s really high.

But what we have done is increased our chances for Brandon and went to Walmart. He is guaranteed to find what he thinks is a really really expensive ring. So this is Brandon’s first time using his metal detector and Jake’s going to give him pointers and stuff like that, so it’s not going to look obvious. At the perfect moment, Jake’s going to be able to drop the ring, bury it with sand, and then he’s going to find it with the metal detector. Hopefully, we’ll, be able to capture his reaction, but we got to wait for the perfect moment.

So we don’t mess this prank we don’t want to mess it up, we got to be super patient if we don’t have an opportunity at the first spot when we move to the next spot. Maybe we’ll have an opportunity there, but I don’t really know our plan or where we’re going today, but i know we’re just going to hop from beach to beach today. But hopefully we have that great opportunity and we can prank him so the goal today is actually to find rings with the metal detector. In the meantime, we’re, also going to be trying to prank Brandon, so hopefully that all works out.

But if you guys are enjoying these pranks make sure you guys leave this video a thumbs up, and maybe we’ll do another one in the future if there’s support. But with that said, let’s go ahead, get out there in the ocean, and start diving for some treasure. Let’s do it!

The First Find On This Metal Detecting Excursion

All right, so we’re at our first spot right here. We’re gonna hop in the water. There’s a lot of people here and we might get lucky with the first ring. If we don’t get lucky, we’re gonna get out of the water, go to the next spot and just continue this journey all around the island of Hawaii, and maybe we’ll get lucky. But honestly, like I can see myself potentially finding a bunch of rings and it’s, really exciting.

Oh… ah – oh okay, gosh! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, all right guys! So quick update. I just got out of the water, and I found my first ring and this thing is a hunk of gold man look at that. It’s the biggest ring I’ve ever found in my life. If I look inside right here, it’s inscribed 18k, so I believe that means 18 karat gold, and there’s actually a name on it, and I believe this is a class ring.

And what’s cool about this is, I might be able to look up the name in a class and figure out who this belongs to, and I’ll, be able to give it back to him. So if I do find out the person who lost his ring, I’ll mail it out to him for free. But this is awesome.

Man I found my first ring today and it’s gold and it has a little diamond… oh uh – all right.

So I just got out of the water. I don’t think the prank has gone down yet. I’m about to go try to find Jake and Brandon. They went all the way down to the end of the beach. All right, there’s a lot of people in the water, but I spotted Brandon – there’s Brandon, so we found Brandon.

The Metal Detector Prank Is Executed

I don’t think the prank’s gone down yet. Now we gotta find Jake and see what’s going on. Jake… Jake – have you seen Jake? No one’s seen Jake. There’s literally so many people in the water snorkeling and I can’t spot Jake anywhere. Jake… where are you? Did it – all right, I walked all the way down there for no reason – I found Jake.

Now we gotta get his attention. There’s Jake with the ring . There’s Brandon about to find the ring. I think Jake’s checking in with Brandon to see what he’s found. I think he’s about to put the ring down.

All right, he’s about to put the ring down. Oh, my gosh: here we go here. What did you do come here? What is it? Oh, my god, bro. What did you do? What did you do? I may have just found ten thousand dollars.

What how much do you think? Let me see, let me see it dude. I’ve, never seen a ring like that. Bro put it back, come on. Oh my god, dude I’ve been finding pennies. Just like this thing, I’ve, never heard this sound before I got my pinpointer.

Oh my god. Oh my god, I saw silver like dude. It was like 10… 10 foot out. Oh my dude. Somebody’s so upset right now. Somebody’s really upset, oh, my goodness. How many diamonds is that… I don’t know I don’t want to like hold it out in front of everybody over here.

I’ve never seen a ring like that. That’s like… that’s like somebody that’s like a famous person’s ring Kim Kardashian out here. I’m sorry. He has no idea… it worked perfectly. Oh, my god Jake you did it, we did it bro. It worked perfectly… Jake planted it – he found it – that’s crazy.

I spent the entire day metal detecting today and we got super lucky and found a bunch of rings. Let me show you guys all the rings I found.

I wasn’t able to record everything I found, but I did come across a bunch today. Man I got super lucky, but I have to say my favorite ring definitely has to be the first one I found and it’s this huge gold and diamond class ring and what’s really cool about this, is that there’s actually a name in the middle here, and I’m gonna look it up along with the class and I might be able to find the owner who lost this ring and I’ll be able to give it back to him, potentially. I haven’t tested any of these rings to know if they’re real or not, but if I found them here at Waikiki Beach, or anywhere else here in Hawaii, I gotta say man, like they’re probably most likely real, so it looks like I found four gold rings.

The class ring is definitely gold. Has a diamond and a lot of these actually have inscriptions that tell me that they’re actually gold for sure uh. This one doesn’t have any writing on it, but I believe this is gold as well, but it has a little diamond in the middle, which is really cool.

That’s probably my second favorite ring. I found a little diamond earring. I believe this is the place, so I’ve never found a peso before. I believe this right here is a toe ring. I think these are all tungsten rings.

It’s hard to see this, but this one actually has a bunch of diamonds on it. But uh all in all man – we had a great day today, man. I even found five dollars. Jake used to use one of these little handheld metal detectors and it was cool, and then he got this freaking ray gun looking thing and uh, he said it’s the best of the best – and he recommended me to get that one, so I decided to check it out. It was a 2000 metal detector like that is up there. I was like man, it’s, a big investment, and my first ring I think could pay for not only that metal detector but the whole crazy dude… the whole trip. I think I may have the best ever treasure find. I don’t, know… the rifle that I found okay – well as far as Georgia.

2019. 2019. 2019. I’ll take that – I’ll, take it. Well, the crazy thing is, is I was right beside you yeah. I remember you were like telling me some different things, and so it was there was this big rock and it kept, and I’m like is this rock made out of metal? What’s going on? So I get my pinpointer and I’m. like man, I wipe it away and just like you said bro, you see that one glance of like shiny you’re like that’s it dude. I it literally uncovered – and I saw this one little thing here just like this, and so I was like oh man, one more big waft and then I go to pull it out.

And then I see that – and I was like I yelled underwater and turned her and you turned around you remember that oh yeah dude I just want to let you know that you’re killing it. Yeah… you’re doing a good job man and you know with that said. we want to take things to the next level. Yeah and uh oh my gosh, what is this. We wanna let you know you’re gonna cry that uh, that we pranked you. This is the prank. We love you so much. We got it at Walmart.

First, the GoPro second, the megalodon cheese; and now we got the diamond ring. What’s wrong B? The other two you found were real. The yeah… the other two rings were real Brandon. Why don’t you all ever get anybody else. If you guys want to see more pranks like this in the future, make sure you guys leave this video a thumbs up. Also subscribe to me and my friends, we’re gonna be doing more crazy.

Subscribe to me, It’ll help me out. What’s crazy is like these are real finds and in his heart he feels like he finds the diamond ring or the GoPro or that big shark tooth. But uh… you know every time we decide to prank him, I feel like it’s good that we gave him his first though. Yeah, you know really really, I wish your first jet ski it does suck. It does suck that it was fake, but I will say my hopes are still kind of high because we did find a bunch of rings today. Yeah, I found two rings, so I did find, I don’t know, which was my first ring now, because it didn’t matter. I just tossed it in my pocket um, but I did find a few rings and I do think one of these is really out there yeah – I really do all right,

Searching For The Owner Of The Gold Ring I Found On My Metal Detecting Adventure

So we’re back at the house, checking out all the rings we found – and this is the only one that had a name on it and it says Mohan and I can’t pronounce the last name, But it’s a class ring from the University of Texas from El Paso and that’s pretty cool that there’s actually a name in here. And I researched it, and I think I found him man. I’m gonna give him a call real quick.

I just went to the uh the website where the ring is made, and I typed his name in, and it pretty much gave me all his information all right. So I gave the person a call – and it didn’t answer, but I’m gonna give them another.

Try and hopefully answers this time. Here we go hello. Hey uh… is this Mohan here? Hey Mohan, my name’s Jake… I’m, a treasure hunter uh. By any chance did you lose a ring? Yes? They did oh yeah. What’s it look like?

Oh, my god. I lost it in Hawaii… in Hawaii when i was on vacation. Yeah, how many detectives in El Paso el yeah man. It looks like. I found your ring. Oh my gosh yeah, I was uh… I was actually metal detecting and I went around, and I found a few rings, but this was the only one with a name and I’ve been saving on to it trying to find you. And it looks like I found you – oh today – god, oh my god, really yeah, really man. Oh my god.

I want to give you something: no, no. No I don’t want anything in return man. I’m just gonna mail this out to you for free, and you know it’s just what I like to do man. I love treasure hunting and I love reuniting people that lost the valuables. And it’s so cool I was able to find this ring and figure out who it belonged to. At least I want to give you a gift. Oh no man. Thank you so much though seriously, thank you so much. Please, please… instead of rewarding with money, can you just tell me the story about how you lost this ring?

The Story Behind The Gold Ring I Found On My Metal Detecting Trip

This is the story… I was in Hanauma Bay, uh-huh Hawaii. But in December during December, how many years ago? Oh not many years ago this recently just recent huh yeah.

Okay, maybe like it was in March and everything I don’t know what happened so I was… I was uh sparkling debate, so you’re just snorkeling and it fell off your hand. Yeah – and I was you know, flipping my hands and it goes loose and you know it lost some weight, and so you know it was a little bit loose and it didn’t bother me, you know. I said… okay, it’s okay – if I remove the ring and place it somewhere, I’m going to lose the neighbors, so I don’t know where them and snorkel and then I lost them because of all the water and – and you know I was waving my hands around snorkeling it just slipped from my finger and fell into the water very precious to me… my university here in graduation. I didn’t, have much hope, let alone you know, someone calling me in the middle of something this is California somewhere uh yeah. Well, this is a California number, but I actually live in Georgia.

I really tried my best to figure out who this belonged to and actually I can’t believe I found you, man like that’s, so crazy. How do you know you go with my name yeah well like? Well, I got the mafia on my side and I was able to figure out your contact information.

No, I’m just kidding. This is how I found you. I typed in your name on the Internet and I typed in all the information on the ring. You know the University of Texas, El Paso, and then I found that you did an article and then I copied and pasted your full name into the search bar. With that I was able to pay for your full details and then, with your details, I was able to figure out your phone number and then that is how I found you. That’s pretty cool you don’t put this on facebook. He said this is an amazing story.

He’s going to put it on facebook. This is an amazing amazing story. Wow wow! This is amazing. Wow. Okay, I’ll give you my address. Please give me your answer right. Yes, yes, what? I’ll do is I’ll text? You… you know, shoot me over your address, your name all your details, so I can mail this out to you and then I’ll just I’ll mail this out to you uh as fast as I can, But that’s crazy. I found you man that’s, wild… name or whatever, I mean you can give me a full box. So that’s fine! So I can send you something: oh man for crying out loud, come on for me being able to do. That means the most and I don’t want anything in return. I just want to be able to give this back to you.

Okay, that’s; fine wait! What’d, you say: have a nice home on the lake in Orlando uh-huh. If you are, if you are by any chance, if you, if you’re traveling with your family or friends or whatever to Florida to for for for vacationing or something you’ll call me and you can have the whole house for yourself. Man, that that is so crazy. That is, that’s too nice yeah.

It’s on a lake. It’s on Sand Lake in Dr Phillips area community. The house is empty, please you know I was living there. I’m gonna, but you know you’re welcome to come the next couple weeks. I really do appreciate that.

I might take you up on that offer one day and uh, maybe do a treasure hunting video at that lake. That would be really cool there. You go yeah yeah, I’ve had my running with the alligators in the past, but seriously that is too kind of you uh… maybe I’ll take you up on that offer. This was great, but yeah yeah I mean it was ridiculous. Like I went down and uh where I found your ring was in Hanama Bay, and this was the first ring I ever found with my new metal detector and it was like the biggest and prettiest one I ever found in my life and it’s just a you know it’s, a gold nugget with a diamond in the middle, and I was like no freaking way. You know like this is crazy and uh, it was like too good to be true, and but I looked on the back found your name and – and I was like well that’s pretty cool like after I found my first one I kept looking around, and I found my second one, maybeblike 10 minutes later. And then I found my third one and then I switched locations, then I find like a bunch more rings. But like yeah, that was my first ring of the day and uh, it was the only ring I was able to give back to the owner, just because you had your name on there. Oh wow. That is amazing. That’s, an amazing story. I’m, going to put it on facebook. I’ll… I think it’s, the link and facebook and everything else do you want me to give it to you over the phone or you want to text it to this number? Oh anything you want to, and I’m actually making a YouTube video myself and I was wondering if I had permission to to showcase this uh phone call on my video?

Absolutely awesome… go ahead! Great one! Absolutely please do that awesome. I owe you a big time I want to thank you something. I know how to get you, okay, you got me now all right. Well, I guess shoot me over your address. I’ll mail, this out to you asap and then maybe I’ll take you up on that offer. Staying at your vacation home in Florida. I’ll shoot you a link to the video when it goes in. Thank you. Thank you, sir crap man.

The Personal Satisfaction I Get From My Metal Detector Finds

That was pretty cool… found this ring all the way in Hawaii and the guy lives in Florida, and I go to Florida all the time and he wanted to give me like a cash reward like a gift card or something. I told him, you know, it’s not about money or anything like that for me. The joy I have is being able to give back things like this to the people who lose them. And uh… he was like you know like he just he was very adamant about he’s like I got to give you something… I got to give you some and then he offered a place to stay. Whenever I met in Florida, you know his guest home in Florida and uh that’s, pretty crazy man, like maybe I’ll take him up on that offer stay in this place one day. Maybe we’ll do a treasure hunting video at that lake, but honestly man, I can’t believe that we found the person who lost this ring and that guy was just such a nice guy.

So with that, I guess we’re gonna put it in the mail ship it to him, and he’s gonna have his ring back he lost about a year ago. What do you think about that? Dude? That blew my mind for one. You found him on the Internet, which is crazy and he answered, and he was just so overjoyed that you found it. That’s so cool – good job man thanks man, it’s awesome!

There we go yeah man. I hope you enjoyed the metallic video today. If you guys did – and you want to see more here in Hawaii – make sure you guys leave this video a thumbs up and also subscribe to our YouTube channels.

I’m gonna put a link to Tristan and Bryan’s, YouTube channel description below. Make sure you guys check out their channels. They do treasure hunting just like me. But that said, I hope you guys enjoy the video and I’ll see you all next time. Thank you so much for watching.

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