How To Poop In The Woods

How To Poop In The Woods


How To Poop In The Woods

00:00 hey everybody welcome to the wild the

00:02 great outdoors where some people may

00:05 have their greatest fears come to life

00:08 what to do when you have to poo and I

00:12 know this is a big fear everyone has and

00:15 we addressed this earlier in an old tip

00:18 video but we’re bringing it back around

00:20 I’ve got some more stuff I want to talk

00:22 about so welcome to how to poo in the

00:24 woods part do I decide my morning coffee

00:36 and for me that means one thing and one

00:38 thing only I am a ticking time bomb I

00:41 have approximately eight minutes from my

00:44 cup of coffee to go find a bathroom so

00:47 out here obviously that means I need to

00:50 do the ethical and responsible thing and

00:53 practice Leave No Trace methods when I

00:56 am needing to go poop and so I am

01:00 preparing to go out use my handy trowel

01:03 I need to dig a hole 6 to 8 inches deep

01:06 into the soil no deeper because then the

01:10 poop cannot decompose properly no

01:13 shallower because then animals and other

01:15 possibly people will discover your

01:19 hidden treasure and nobody wants that so

01:22 please do not do that so first of all

01:24 knowing a few key techniques is really

01:28 important and I’ve said this before but

01:31 first I’m having a hard time thinking

01:34 straight because I really just have to

01:36 go poop you know what I might have to

01:40 redress this topic after I go take care

01:42 of myself and then I’ll go tell you what

01:43 I did in order to do things the right

01:45 way so let’s cut it here and I’ll see

01:49 you in just a moment now that I’ve done

01:54 the deed I can think straight again so I

01:56 can go over a few more tips on what to

02:00 do and what not to do when you do the do

02:04 so first of all let’s talk about what to

02:06 do practice Leave No Trace principles

02:10 which are going to look like pooping

02:13 away

02:13 200 feet away from other water sources

02:17 if there’s a creek or something like or

02:20 a lake nearby going at least 200 feet

02:22 away from those water sources also

02:25 staying away from we’re at camp right

02:27 now don’t poop in the middle of camp or

02:30 in the immediate places that other

02:31 people like to congregate and enjoy

02:33 so not pooping at overlooks where other

02:36 people are likely to go experience or

02:38 where they want to camp and do things

02:40 like that and like I said dig a hole

02:43 that six to eight inches deep that’s

02:44 part of the LNT principles because

02:46 animals can get at poop that’s on the

02:50 surface of the ground or just very

02:52 barely covered by dirt or a couple of

02:55 rocks and there are a few other

02:57 environmental factors to consider if you

02:59 are in a canyon or in a sensitive

03:02 ecosystem there are times when you might

03:05 have to remove the poop entirely and you

03:08 poop into a wag bag that you then will

03:11 transport out with you so know the

03:14 locations that you are actually going to

03:15 be backpacking in or camping in and know

03:19 how to appropriately take care of your

03:22 number twos now I do want to talk about

03:25 some of the common mistakes that I see

03:26 people making out there I’m not actually

03:29 seeing the mistakes I’m seeing the

03:31 results of the mistakes and nobody

03:34 appreciates going to a pristine

03:35 beautiful camp spot and just literally

03:38 seeing a turd on the ground please for

03:41 the love of everything holy do not do

03:42 this take care of the environment and

03:46 the space for others to enjoy so

03:48 actually dig the hole I know it can be a

03:50 work at times but actually please do dig

03:53 that hole and bury your poop because a

03:55 lot of other people do not want to see

03:57 that also another thing that I see is

04:00 that maybe people don’t want to dig the

04:02 hole so they will poop right onto the

04:04 ground and then they’ll place a rock on

04:06 top of it and that’s you know to hide it

04:10 which thank you for hiding it from view

04:12 but I don’t know about you but I’m going

04:14 around camp oftentimes looking for rocks

04:16 to use as tools maybe I’m building a

04:19 fire pit maybe I’m using a rock as a

04:21 hammer to hammer in my stakes and there

04:23 is truly nothing worse than picking up a

04:26 rock to

04:27 use for something and finding out that

04:29 there’s a big turd hiding just like a

04:32 bomb that somebody has left a dirty bomb

04:34 that somebody has left behind for you to

04:36 find that’s not fun it’s not good for

04:38 anybody please don’t just cover your

04:40 poop with a rock or two actually very

04:44 it’s in the dirt another thing that I

04:46 don’t like to see is toilet paper just

04:48 streaming around

04:49 we don’t want party streamers out here

04:51 in the desert we actually want that

04:52 toilet paper to be either buried in the

04:55 ground with your poop where it will

04:57 decompose or if the environment is

04:59 particularly sensitive then actually

05:01 you’re going to take that used toilet

05:03 paper and put it into something like a

05:05 ziplock bag sometimes people use or I’ve

05:08 used used backpacking meal bags that

05:12 seal up nice and tight those can make

05:14 excellent trash receptacles for toilet

05:17 paper or feminine products or things

05:19 like that so actually be removing those

05:22 things and taking them out of the

05:24 environment part of that is just knowing

05:26 the environment itself and what’s okay

05:28 to bury and what’s not okay to bury so

05:31 I’ve got a hole dug and I’ve got my

05:32 residual materials here just soil I’m

05:35 going to actually keep this in in the

05:38 zone so that it’s easy to fill in the

05:41 hole for me so I don’t I don’t want to

05:42 scatter all of this dirt everywhere so

05:45 having that little spot is is a good

05:48 thing okay

05:49 so then I’m ready to actually do the

05:51 deed I’ve got I’ll set aside my trowel

05:54 I’ll have my toilet paper easily within

05:57 reach and then position yourself

06:02 directly over the hole of course as you

06:06 can imagine and then the comfortable

06:10 position and a good pooping position is

06:13 going to be to squat like this and I’ll

06:17 demonstrate partially please don’t mind

06:22 my underwear hopefully this doesn’t

06:23 offend anybody too badly but it’s gonna

06:26 be just a showcase exactly what we’re

06:30 doing here so let’s pretend that my

06:32 underwear is where my pants are this

06:35 creates a nice window for everything to

06:38 actually fall and

06:41 so I’m not if I put my pants at my

06:43 ankles then I’m actually at risk of both

06:47 peeing and pooping into my pants that’s

06:49 a no-no obviously so let’s not do that

06:52 so just dropping your trousers to right

06:55 around mid thigh that’s the position

06:57 that’s the way to do it you don’t need

07:01 to lay down you don’t need to find a log

07:05 or a rock to lean against like this some

07:09 people just don’t know physically how to

07:11 position their body but this is it right

07:14 here the deed has been done I’ve dropped

07:18 the deuce so to speak and now obviously

07:22 clean up with your toilet paper and drop

07:25 that right into the hole and actually

07:27 the all of the moisture of the urine and

07:30 the poop will actually be important to

07:33 help decompose that toilet paper so drop

07:35 that right in and then you’re gonna bury

07:37 all of that together so let’s do this

07:40 let’s pick up the trousers close up shop

07:45 poop pee and toilet paper is in the hole

07:48 now I’m going to just take all that soil

07:52 and dirt and rocks and just cover it

07:55 right back up and what I like to do is

07:58 just kind of step on it tamp it all down

08:01 and just make it look like it’s all

08:05 natural again and there you go nobody is

08:09 the wiser that responsibly there is a

08:12 poop below the ground a little bit of

08:14 fertilizer for our natural world to take

08:17 take and grow another little juniper

08:20 tree or something I feel better so those

08:24 are a lot of the logistical items hey I

08:26 hope that you can take these things and

08:28 actually poop ethically and responsibly

08:31 out there and then the last thing I want

08:34 to say is that it’s actually quite a

08:36 wonderful liberating experience and you

08:39 can have fun with it too so you know

08:41 make a rating system to tell your

08:43 friends you know did you get to see the

08:45 beautiful mountain vistas then that’s

08:47 like a three star poop did you get to

08:50 experience a wildlife encounter or you

08:51 know a deer that notices you while

08:54 you’re doing

08:55 and he both have this connection being

08:57 like yeah what’s up then you know that’s

08:59 a four started experience

09:00 you can make a game out of it and

09:02 actually enjoy it there is nowhere finer

09:06 that I like to do the deed than out here

09:09 in the wilderness you don’t need to be

09:10 afraid of it so thank you for watching I

09:14 hope that you can now responsibly do the

09:16 deed yourself and take care of our

09:18 environment take care of your bodily

09:19 needs as well and become a better more

09:23 experienced more well-rounded

09:26 outdoorsman or outdoors woman so that’s

09:29 how to poop in the woods I hope you

09:31 found this tip helpful and I’ll please

09:33 like and subscribe to our videos of

09:35 course and I yeah stay tuned for more

09:39 more great stuffs coming up I’m Eric

09:41 Hanson thanks so much for watching this

09:42 is backpacking TV






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