Windmill (DB-400) 400W 12V Wind Turbine Generator kit

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WindMill 400W Wind Turbine The 400W wind turbine is our economy level wind turbine, made specifically for off-grid residential use in mind. Its DIY set-up instructions and with all the materials needed provided for, you will be able to set the wind turbine up in no time at all. The 400W wind…

3 reviews for "Windmill (DB-400) 400W 12V Wind Turbine Generator kit"

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    The DB-400 is currently spinning and providing fluctuating power between 2 and 5 amps. This is the best I’ve seen in the 4 months it’s been operational at our off-grid cottage on Lake Huron (North East Corner of Georgian Bay) where the winds are strong and constant. During the summer months the winds drop off, but now in October they remain between 15kph with surges to 30kph.First, the DB-400 comes well packaged, easy installation instructions and is well built. I installed it on a 20′ tall truss and our cottage on top of a 15′ cliff with direct and open line of sight to the open water, thus no dirty air. (Air impacted by trees, buildings, etc…). With the tower 35′ above the water, we probably have ideal conditions for a wind turbine.Second, temper your expectations. This wind turbine needs a good gust of breeze to start. A gentle breeze will not start the turbine spinning, but may keep it running once started. This surprised me, because the product description states it will start in ‘as’ little as 6mph. I have yet to see that. Unless you have a good stiff breeze or gust, it will just sit idle.Third. This is a sticky point, because nowhere in the description or on line can I find the amp output. It says it can produce up to 400 watts, but that does little food in calculating the impact on a off-grid system. I was very disappointed to see that even in high winds of more than 20mph the turbine only produces at best 5amps of power.I have an 8 x 100 watt panel solar system that feeds into a 700 amp-hour battery bank. I added the wind turbine to augment the system at night and on cloudy days. It does very little. I would need several more wind turnbines to really make much of a difference.The noise level for the first few days was disturbing, but now that it is broken in, the sound is more like a howling wind. Not bad, but you do hear it in the cottage.Note, it does not come with the solar fuses. I used 20 amp fuses, but doubt that they would ever blow with this wind turnbine, because best case it only provides a 1/4 of the maximum.I’m adding several photos.

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    I have several Internet repeater sites that are primarily solar powered. During the wintertime short days and stormy weather I’ve had to take a Honda generator to these remote locations to top off the batteries. Recently I added this wind turbine (see attached pic) and it’s solved my power shortage. Typically when it’s not sunny it’s windy so it’s worked out to be a good combination. The unit was not difficult to install, and all appears to be made out of high quality materials, like stainless steel bolts and nuts.A couple of issues. Since on sunny days my solar panel keeps my 360 amp-hours of batteries fully charged, the MPPT charge controller built-in to the wind turbine would still allow momentary voltage spikes up to 18 volts. Thinking this might not be great for the batteries, I added a second MPPT charge controller (Morningstar) after the wind turbine and that does a complete job of regulating the level of charge in the batteries not exceeding around 14 volts. If your situation is where the batteries are not typically kept fully charged then this might not be an issue for you. The second issue was how the seller handled a bearing failure 10 days into service for the new turbine. Manufacturing defects and part failures are an inevitable reality in any sort of small manufacturing business and here the seller handled the problem I think very professionally. I sent a couple of photos of the problem, and then was asked to return the unit to southern California for replacement. The same day it was received the seller shipped out a totally new replacement unit. In my mind, the seller turned this problem into an advantage. So, excellent product for my needs and nice to know that the support is there when it’s needed.

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    Manual says activation begins at approximately 6 miles per hour. It actually takes wind speeds at 12 to 14 miles per hour before it slowly starts spinning creating its minimal of wattage. I have my turbine 28 feet in the air free of all obstructions and trees. I am a bit disappointed at this as most of our wins are at 10 miles an hour or so, I relied on the answers from the company I found within other questions in the feedback. I found out differently once I went through all the trouble and added expense to have it nearly 30 feet in the air. It is a lot of work as one could imagine to have this fully installed in the recommended high elevation on a secured pole with many support cables and ready to operate. I would not recommend unless you live in an area that supports 20 plus mile per hour winds on a regular basis. Remember 400 watt output is its maximum (30+ mph), it begins with a single-digit wattage output and from there wattage increases as the wind speed increases. If you experience 20 + mile per hour winds on a regular basis will be very satisfied if not I would consider more solar panels and or larger battery Bank investment.

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