Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack; High-Performance Backpack for Backpacking, Hiking, Camping; Sewn-in Rain Cover

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The TETON Sports Scout3400 Backpack is a 55-Liter pack that’s great for men, women, and youth and includes features you usually see in much higher-priced packs. The Scout is an internal frame pack that has a fully adjustable fit in the torso and waist belt. The thick padded shoulder straps have…

3 reviews for "Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack; High-Performance Backpack for Backpacking, Hiking, Camping; Sewn-in Rain Cover"

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    Plenty of room. Able to fit a three litter hydro pack. It’s comfortable easy to put on.

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    So far, I have taken this thing on a week long trip through India, where it was strapped to the back of a motorcycle as I rode through the himalayas (I’m not kidding here). It held up great and the rainfly was very useful and easy to put over it when it poured on us. The pack endured heavy strain as it was packed to the brim and strapped down hard every day and came out without a scratch (I was surprised about that).So far I’ve also used it on multiple hikes and hunting trips through thick brush and between 3 deer I’ve packed out over 200 lb of venison in the mountains in Utah and Washington. I’ve thrown it through the washer to clean out all of the blood and it came out like new.The only wear I’ve seen on mine is a couple of threads have loose on the bottom where it hides the rain fly, but it doesn’t affect anything serious on the pack. It’s already well outlived its price and It’s got to have at least enough life to redo everything I’ve already done with it based on its current condition.Pros:Extremely durablegreat price (gives you more peace of mind when being rough with it)great size, perfect for carry-on (taken on around 10+ flights, never a problem)fairly light when emptyConvenient storage on top pouch with an underside zip up pocket for more protected items.Pretty comfortable, even when filled with 60+ pounds of meat.Holds Mountain Dew well.ConsI wish the waist fabric things were the smaller size, as I don’t keep it buckled in very often and they get in the way if I forget to buckle them behind the pack.Did not come with delicious bacon.One of the drink holders is slightly smaller than the other, making it more effort to get my large size (in diameter) nalgene bottle in it. It still fits, but it’s hard to put in one handed while its still on my back, the other pocket is easier like I said.The internal frame bars are hard to get back in, I washed it once with them in and took them out for a second wash, I wish I had left them in both times. I had to stick my hand on the inside and guide them past some material that was inside the frame pocket.

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    Hi everyone and thank you for reading my review. I want everyone to know I have a ton of packs in my shed and the only reason I purchased this is because of my skinny son and all of the other reviews from “scout” parents.First, I didn’t need this. But I did and here’s why.My son crossed over from cub scouts to Boy Scouts and needed a pack. Not 1 pack fit his waist. At the time, 23”. I preplanned a long time ago and purchased all these super cool ones. Nope: too big. My son is now a 26 1/2 waist (3 months after crossing over) and this pack fit him like butter to include the torso. I believe the website states the waist belt is 26” at the smallest, but I do think it goes as low as 25”. Completely sold on this element alone. For the price point and the size, not having to go woman’s bag or over $200 this is the right bag.Second, quality. The bag is decent quality. Not top of the line. Factor price point and what this bag has to offer for the average 11 year old learning values in life, this product is of excellent quality. Having said that: parents: upon arrival, pre check every thread, button, snap, drawstring, zipper prior to use. I’m just saying.Seller: you need to get with BSA and market this exact product for them. I’ve been a leader for 5 years and and a frequent shopper at the scout shops. We need products like this. At least give it a try.Just a slight FYI: for the boys out there who may have a mild dose of scoliosis or have not hit that 1 critical growth spurt yet-this is it. I’m NOT a doctor, but if you’re going to put a pack on you child-this is the one.I do see this pack lasting a long time in scouts based on quality and versatility. The straps are in the right places too!!! For a 55L pack, the exterior space is just as valuable. Thank you for such a well thought out product.Note: I did recieve this product in excellent packaging (excellent) but 1 button was damaged (manufacturing flaw). And I’m not exchanging it. I’m that impressed to still rate it 5 stars. And, you boosted my sons ego with this pack.Full disclosure: this is a scout mom review!!!! There is plenty of room for EVERYTHING to include the “mom care kit”.

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