Oshion Professional Metal Detector for Adults, High Sensitivity Discrimination Mode Gold Detector Treasures Seeking Tool Waterproof Search Coil w/Shovel ,Bag ,Headphone and Head Lamp, Black and Yellow

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【High Sensitivity】When the treasure hunter finds metal, the metal detector will send out an alarm signal. Different types of metals make different beeps. It is very suitable for finding metal objects, such as coins, artifacts, jewelry, gold, silver, rings and keys, etc. indoors or outdoors.

【Waterproof Search Coil】With larger waterproof search coil (the regulate box is not waterproof), the sensitivity of the metal detector will be higher and the efficiency will be higher. The waterproof search coil lets you detect treasures under water or other extreme ground conditions. It is definitely an exciting metal detection tool.

【2 Operating Modes】 This metal detector kit has two different modes, allowing you to optimize from metal detection. ①The treasure you wish to have to search-The metal detector will automatically identify the treasure you wish to have to search, and then notify you. ②Unwanted Treasures-The metal detector will evade the things you do not want, and will automatically recognize the program you set in advance to find the treasures you wish to have.

【Humanized Design&Adjustability】This professional metal detector is very lightweight and suitable for adults and kids. The ergonomic structure of the armrest is very intuitive, and has a non-slip care for, which can relieve fatigue. And with an adjustable rod, you’ll be able to adjust the length of the detector at will according to your own situation for convenient use. The mini plug connecting the search coil and the controller unit is made of metal, which makes the plug more reliable.

【Note】There are some factors that will impact the normal use of metal detectors. 1) Do not place the device on the floor. 2) It’s not recommended to use it indoors. Large electronic devices will also interfere with metal detectors. 3) If it is used outdoors, please avoid high-mineralized soil or places with numerous metal waste. 4) If you carry an excavation tool, please also place it far away from the metal detector all the way through inspection.



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