L8star Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor 1.3inch Color Screen Long Battery Life Include a Replacement Band Compatiable for Fitbit Versa Step Counter for Women Men

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; ✅ 【Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring】:Measuring your heart rate on every 1 / 2 / 6 / 12 hour automatically, and you can also set up real-time heart rate tracking or manually tracking once you set it up in the app. Also support automatic sleep…

3 reviews for "L8star Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor 1.3inch Color Screen Long Battery Life Include a Replacement Band Compatiable for Fitbit Versa Step Counter for Women Men"

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    I joined a 6 week fitness challenge and was looking for something to help monitor my daily activity. I didn’t want a Fitbit, and I wanted something that had the look of an Apple Watch, but without the outlandish Apple product price tag. I looked around and around, and this watch could not be more perfect! It is super comfy and EXTREMELY easy to use; not to mention that it has a ton of the features the Apple Watch has, yet didn’t put me into debt at all! The app that you download is perfect, and very user friendly! I love the look of it, how I can read my texts from it, reject calls from it, and set alarms to wake up or to remind me to do something without and annoying ringtone, but vibrations on my wrist instead. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It has far exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait to tell everyone I am doing this fitness challenge with all about this watch! You cannot beat the price! If you are looking for a watch to track your fitness progress, but has many of the same functionalities at the Apple watch without the Apple price tag, or you have one of those clunky or tacky looking Fitbits and want to get rid of it, DEFINITELY get this! I promise you will love it!

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    First, let me say that I really don’t like smart watches, but I’m a health & fitness coach & enjoy a lot of sports when I’m not working with others. That being said, I wanted a decent fitness watch that had limited “smart” functions… & it seems I’ve found it in this little guy.I’m normally against pairing my phone with anything but a mic, due to the battery drain (I like my 8-9 day standby… esp. when I’m 150 miles into the backcountry with only a single 10k mah power pack to get me through another 150 miles to the next recharge station), but after keeping this watch & my phone paired non-stop for a couple of days now, the pairing has only added a 1.5% addition drop (per day) to my phone, & the watch has yet to drop by a bar yet.I can’t speak much on the remote alarm (& prolly won’t, the phone alarm works for me) or sleep monitor, since I haven’t tried either yet, but all of the other app & watch functions seem to work flawlessly… & there’s quite a few options. The only “smart” function I’ve found is setting the watch to notify you of phone calls & texts (which will show the first couple of lines of your text). I LOVE this feature as it isn’t like other “smart watches” where it’s intractable… it just lets me know with a quick vibration & notification that someone has tried to reach me. As an added bonus, once you’ve paired the watch to the app (to update the time, etc.), you can unpair it & use most of its functions without needing to be tethered to the phone.I haven’t owned it long, but I’m usually pretty quick to determine if something will work for me… & this guy fits the bill. I just hope it has some longevity (if I can think about it, I’ll update this review later… but if the watch continues to work as beautifully as it does now, you may not hear back from me, lol; that’s a good thing, actually). For any other reviewers who have any complaints (other than the occasional defective one you’ll get)…. “What did you expect for a $30 fitness watch?” We aren’t talking Apple or Google here, but at the same time, this watch has INCREDIBLE functionality & precision for a budget watch. If you aren’t looking to spend $200+ on a main-brand watch, this guy does a close job for a tenth of the price tag.As a final thought, if I had a complaint it’d only be that while it’s sleek not to have any micro-usb or other charging port holes on any side of this watch, its charger is unusual & I worry about its long-term functionality. If you look at my pic of the back of the watch, you’ll see 2 little gold-colored holes. The charger is a strange-shaped disc which clamps (gently) onto the watch, & has 2 prongs which must line up with those 2 holes in the back of the watch. If you’re successful, you’ll see the watch briefly light up (if the screen is off). Other than the unusual charging feature, this setup on this this is about as easy as they come. Just download their app (called FlagFit), then launch it. There’s instructions on where to find the menu option that pairs the watch with your phone. Once paired, it’ll update the time on the watch to your phone (mine is military time, for example), & you can then browse the menu to turn on the features you want.I hope this review helps some people, even though the watch setup & maintenance is pretty straight forward.

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    Well it does the job more than its value. I would list a few pros and cons Pros1) Easy to use2) Amazing battery life (got almost 3-4 weeks with regular usage)3) Google map is integarted in the app which is good4) Style is also not badCons1) The app itself is fishy because it requires access to your media and messagingThe only thing I want users to understand is don’t give permissions for the app other than location and call logs.we never know what might happen with the data (maybe being paranoid)

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