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Wenzel Alpine 3 Person Tent

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Polyester; 3-person, 3-pole pentadome tent with removable fly; Shock-corded fiberglass frame for quick and easy setup; Integrated mud mat with drainage strip to keep tent clean; 2 mesh windows and D-style front door for ventilation; Measures 8.5…


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    LOVE LOVE LOVE… I went on a 48 state 96 day tour, mostly camping. It was easy to set up and take down. Kept me nice in dry in some pretty nasty weather.

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    I just got back from my first camping trip with this tent. I bought it because I was looking for a tent that would be easy for one short person to set up, yet have a little space for that one person. As others noted, it is a LOT easier to set this tent up with a helper. Fortunately, I usually have those! Two of us set the tent up very quickly and easily. By myself, it is nearly impossible to get all three poles in. I had to set it up alone when I got home (to dry it out), and I only put in the two long poles. When I had in the short pole, I could not get the longer poles into the pockets by myself. I’m thinking with time it will become a little easier.As for the tent itself, the first night out we had severe weather – a line of storms followed by soaking rains. I was a little disappointed as the seam where they sewed in the tag with instructions on dealing with condensation and whatnot is what leaked! The tag kept wicking water in through the seam. We had round two of the weather the next night, and the same leak occurred even though the weather wasn’t quite as severe. To be fair though, several other tents had water issues too – it was a good storm. I’m going to remove the tag and then seal the seam. There is a mesh thing that goes in the roof that I loved. I put the shirt that I used to sop up water on it and it dried out quickly, but I could easily see storing some things up there like a wallet or purse (saving the pocket for nighttime necessities). Overall, it’s a nice little tent for the money, which is what I was looking for.

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    GOOD:> Price is right. It feels like decent quality at this price. Good value.> Easy to build. Three poles and it’s up. Almost can’t do it wrong.> Pretty big inside. The little mesh “loft” thing is a great place to put wallet, flashlight, etc.> Pretty compact and fairly light when packed in its case.> Carrying case has good handles and is big enough to hold everything (without a ridiculously tight packing job).> The zippers work smoothly.LESS GOOD:> The rain fly is tiny. Looking at the picture, it’s just that blue cap on top, maybe three feet across. That means the majority of the tent is waterproof, and thus not breathable. It needs more vents or bigger windows.> Lack of breathability means more condensation inside the tent, even in dry weather. You need to open the windows and door vents as you sleep. BUT, open windows are not waterproof any longer, so if it rains, you’ll be awakened by raindrops. If you anticipate rain, you have to close all the vents, which means condensation will get you moist inside anyway…> The general construction is light. Materials are thin. I will have to be careful to move zippers slowly so I don’t tear anything.OVERALL:Overall, I am satisfied. This will get us through many Cub Scout campouts, all for the price of renting a tent three times.I think a better tent in this size is the Eureka Timerline series, but it costs almost three times what this one costs. That tent has an entire roof that is breathable, with a huge rain fly. So if I had it to do over, I might just buy up to the Eureka and be done with it – the tent I’ll probably end up buying at some point, anyway.

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