Waterlily Turbine Charger – A Portable Water and Wind Turbine Charger to Charge All USB Devices

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✔️ THE PERFECT PORTABLE TURBINE – The Waterlily Turbine uses Water and Wind Power to charge your USB devices.; ✔️CHARGE ALL USB DEVICES -The WaterLily is a water and wind turbine that is able to charge; Smart Phones, Battery Banks, Cameras, Tablets, GPS, and more!;…

3 reviews for "Waterlily Turbine Charger – A Portable Water and Wind Turbine Charger to Charge All USB Devices"

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    Our family goes camping maybe 6 weekends each summer to both campsites and in the backcountry. There are 5 of us, and between gopros, portable speakers, and tablets we need a way to generate power without plugging in at the showers. I even like to take my cell phone for emergencies if we’re somewhere more remote.We’ve been trying solar for the past few seasons but between tree cover and unpredictable weather we’re often left disappointed.Pros:- Filling our battery banks overnight. We’ve been stuck with solar so far so once the sun is down we’re out of luck. We leave this running at our campsite filling up our battery bank to charge the kid’s gear in the morning- It’s a bit of fun to set up!- Fits easy in our packs- Really well built and durableCons:- The included battery bank seems to be a bit off. I have a larger anker model that I like to fill up so this isn’t so bad.- Way easier to generate power in water than in wind.

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    It works. Use high output port for faster results. No hand crank, I want a hand crank, and 2 small rechargeable batteries I put it in front of my A.C. to reclaim energy, while charging my tablet.

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    If your trips are longer than one nighters, then i’d recommend this charger. We’re out a lot this time of year and I always have our garmin and a tablet at least.I have a goal zero nomad solar panel but find whenever you’re surrounded by trees or if there is some overcast the charge rate is never consistent. It gets to be a bit frustrating because I never know when my gear will actually be charged with the sun coming and going. With this guy I get a much better idea. I’ve been charging a battery bank continually throughout the day / night and topping up my devices with that bank when I need.I found the set up process was quite simple as long as you have something sturdy to mount the turbine to. There’s a nice stream by my go to site and there’s a fallen log thats perfect for this.I haven’t used it for charging with wind yet but am pleased with the water performance.

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