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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 1. Man-Made Materials,BOTTOM COMPARTMENT- Zippered Access. It Comes With An Internal Zippered Divider.; 2. WATER-RESISTANT- Water-Resistant Rip-Stop Polyester As The Fabric Can Quickly Slide Water Aside Before Water Has A Chance To Penetrate…

3 reviews for "WASING 55L Internal Frame Backpack Hiking Backpacking Packs for Outdoor Hiking Travel Climbing Camping Mountaineering with Rain Cover WS-55Lpack"

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      I’m a serious backpacker, so when my teens wanted to go on a backpacking trip with me, I immediately began looking for gear for them. This pack jumped out at me because of the features for the price, and I have say that I am pleasantly surprised! As soon as I received the pack, I emptied my $250, big name high-end pack, and transferred all the gear to this one:In the pack–cookset-alcohol stove-food-headlamp, lantern-map and compass-3lb sleeping bag (30degree)-hammock with bugnet and straps-hammock underquilt (25 degree)-9’6″ x 12′ silnylon tarpOn outside of pack-2 water bottles-hatchet-extra sleeping pad (I did not need this extra pad, but I wanted to test all the gear straps)All of this only filled the pack about 3 quarters of the way, there was more than enough room for a lot more gear, but this is all I usually take.First of all, this pack is very light at 3.5lbs.-Starting from the top of the pack, there is a two pocket lid. The top pocket is huge, and small inner pocket is great for flatter items. On top of the lid there are 2 buckled straps to secure gear on the outside. Where the lid connects to the body, the straps are surrounded by sewn in elastic, so you can really stuff the lid full and strap it down tight without fearing that you will rip anything.-Slightly below and to the sides of the lid was a nice surprise: 2 zippered and very DEEP pockets on the outside of the pack. You could really store a good bit of gear here. In between those is the center vertical zippered pocket. This pocket is a little flatter, but you could easily shove your poncho or rain jacket here. This pocket is covered by two buckled straps that could secure other gear.-There are 2 tool attachments on the outside of the pack with gear loops at the bottom and heavy duty velcro at the top. I put my hatchet in one, and it was secured very well, I have no fear of the velcro coming undone.-At the bottom, there is a sleeping bag compartment. This thing is massive. My 3lb, 30 degree bag went in here, in its compression sack but uncompressed with a ton of room to spare. This space is separated from the main compartment of the bag by a drawstring and toggle (not a zipper like it says in the description). You can open this all the way if you do not want a separate compartment.-On the sides, there are 2 very deep mesh pockets with elastic collars for holding your water bottels. These are very roomy and secure.-Moving to the front of the pack (or back, whichever way you look at it) the shoulder straps are nicely padded and covered with a very comfortable mesh. At the top of the shoulder straps are load lifters, which was another nice surprise. Unfortunately, the shoulder straps are not adjustable height, they are sewn in. I have told the seller about this since adjustability was stated in the description.-The back panel is a trampoline mesh, and does a good job letting air through to your back, though it does not hold the pack completely away from your back. There are two aluminum stays here, but I could not figure out how to remove them as they seem to be riveted to the frame. They add really nice stability, and the pack is very comfortable here.-The hipbelt has very thick lightweight padding, and is contoured well. This is also covered by the same mesh that is on the shoulder straps, and does not chafe. Each hipbelt has a zippered pocket large enough for a cell phone, camera, keys, snacks, or whatever small item you generally like to have easily accessible. There is an area behind each pocket to stuff extra straps.-The sternum strap is elastisized on the back, so it’s not stiff and moves with you nicely. The sternum buckle has an integrated whitle that is VERY loud. Nice touch. There is a D-ring on each shoulder strap for hanging gear.-Going inside the top loading compartment, there is a drawstring and toggle. This compartment opens up huge! There is a generous sized sleeve for a water bladder, with the exit for the tube placed at the top right of the pack.-As far as durability, I have to say I’m impressed with this first look. The buckles are lightweight and sturdy, with a satisfying ‘click’ when you close them, they don’t wiggle or slip when closed. The stitching seems excellent, I have found no pulled threads or loose seams, and I was very rough with it when loading this pack. The zippers are good, none stick or catch on material, and none have come off-track, even with overloading a compartment to test construction. Each zipper has paracord with rubberized pulls, also a nice touch. The bag material, while not quite as nice as my high-end pack, is extremely nice for a pack in this price range.-Fit: I am 5’4″ 140lbs, this pack fits perfectly. The hip belt is on the hip, where it should be, and transfers weight exactly as it should. My teen, who will be using this pack, is 5’1″ and 100lbs. This adjusted down great, and she was very comfortable in it. Out of curiosity, my hiking buddy who is 6’0″, 230lbs put this pack on. Amazingly, there was enough strap to fit her much larger waist, chest, and shoulders. However, I would not recommend this particular pack for larger people because the hipbelt pockets end up too far back to be useful, and the water bottle holders difficult to access. On both me and my teen, this pack put everything in perfect reach.-Overall, this is an absolute steal. This is not a $250 high-end pack, but for $45 at the time of this review, it is more than worth the money. The features on this pack simply can’t be found on most packs in this price range. We are taking this pack out for a test hike this weekend, and will be doing a video review, so please check back for that. In a few weeks, this will be going on a multi-day hike in Pisgah National Forest, so there will be an update then as well.-I received this pack free in exchange for an honest review. However, I am so impressed by it, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and ordered a second pack at my cost for my other teen. Again, check back for updates, I’m interested to see if the quality of the second pack will be as impressive as the first.Edit: We ended up doing a 2 night trek in panthertown valley with FIVE of these! Yes, 5, all on teenagers who aren’t gentle with their gear at all. Not one buckle broken, zipper off track, strap frayed, nothing. They did great, and all but one of the kids had no complaints whatsoever. One did complain about the bottom of the suspension digging into her lower back, so we shoved a rolled-up shirt under her lower back, and that helped. She was also the smallest of the group at 4’11” and 90 lbs, so please keep that in mind if you are in the market for the pack. Otherwise, I truely do highly recommend this pack, you really can’t beat it for the price!Editing once again to mention the torrential downpour we have now experienced with the packs. I really didn’t expect much out of the rain cover, but their gear stayed dry with the exception of the hip belt pockets that are not covered by the rain fly. Don’t keep important items in the hip belt pockets duting a deluge, but the rain flu actually did keep the body of the packs dry. Win!

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    First off, I want to say that this backpack is very well put together. I needed an upgrade to my cheap hiking backpack that would last me a long time. What drew me in initially was the price. I was hesitant at first because, although that it had good reviews, there were only 8 reviews that were not old enough to see the test of time. However, I was really in need of a backpack for my upcoming tip so I took the risk and bought it. Being a 55 Liter backpack, it is excellent for a weekend hike or for backpacking abroad. After using it, I was able to create a sort of “good/bad” list for this backpack.GoodExternal attachment: There are a lot of external attachments which is incredibly useful when you’re trying to attach extra gear for your hiking trip. According to REI, 55L backpacks are generally good for weekend hikes (1-3 days) but with external attachments, you can extend that trip even longer. There is compression straps on the side, bottom, on top, and in front of the backpack. This is perfect to attach your tent, sleeping pad, tarp, wet clothes, etc to make more room for other stuff inside the backpack.Lightweight: This backpack is only 3 pounds. Most hiking/backpacking backpacks are around 5 pounds. Although 2 pounds don’t seem like much, 2 pounds takes a lot of weight off your back and legs, especially when you’re wearing the backpacks for a long time. This is great for those trying to pack light, because at the end of the day, it is just more comfortableSleeping bag compartment: some people have issue with the size of the compartment bit I think its perfect for those summer sleeping bags. I still find a lot fo extra room after putting in my sleeping bag but that’s because mine is pretty small after it is compressed. The sleeping bag compartment also has a flap that can be removed to stop the separation of the compartment with the rest of the bag. This creates a more streamline capacity for the backpack that may be useful if you’re not intending to use a sleeping bag anyway. Even if you’re not using a sleeping bag, you can still separate both compartments to create more organization.Pockets: I love pockets. It just means my equipment is readily accessible whenever I need it. There are 2 pockets in the top lid. One pocket is accessible on the outside and one is accessible once you open up the lid. The outside is bigger while the inside is a little bit smaller, which is good for smaller objects. There is one long, but shallow pocket in the front of the backpack underneath the “H” compression strap. This is good for thinner items that you need to access in a pinch instead of opening up the backpack like bug nets, rain jackets, or a map. Finally, there are two smaller pockets on either side of the backpack. This is harder to get to when the backpack is stuffed but, nonetheless, it provides extra organization. There is also a small slit in the bag for your water bladder hose to go through which is neat.Suspension: The backpack has sternum straps, hip straps, load lifters, and shoulder strap that you can adjust for your personal comfort. They are built well and seem to be durable enough to go through multiple trips. It is also padded well so it is comfortable around your body.Material: This backpack itself is built tough. Although the backpack is cheap, the material is not. It seems durable on what it can go through with.BadHip Straps: I am male 5’7” and 160 pounds with a waist size of 32. These specs are not unusual as I am average high with average waist length, however the hip straps barely cover my hips. The hip belt can go across my waist, however the padding of the strap doesn’t. The goal of the hip strap is to distribute the weight of the pack away from you back and onto your hips. Because the padding doesn’t go all the way across my pelvis, the distribution of the weight is off. As a result, the straps don’t take away more weight away from you back than it is supposed to. Also, the hip strap pockets are harder to get to. Because the padding is behind my pelvis, I have the bend my arm backwards to reach the hip pocket. Although it doesn’t relocate the weight 100% the way it is supposed to do, it is still effective even if it distributes 75% ( personal estimate) of the weight.Hip Pocket: The pockets zipper is actually really good. It can be easily closed and opened; however, it is not as big as I would like it to be. A Samsung S6 has to be squeezed inside for it to fit. It is not much deeper either.Overall, this bag is really good, especially for the price. It’s a really good backpack for backpacking abroad and hiking. The negatives of the hip straps only really come into play when you’re carrying excessive loads, but the hip straps are still effective. I would buy it again!

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    We ordered two backpacks for a three day (30 mile) hike up in the mountains of North Carolina. The bags came and we loaded them up with supplies. Everything seemed well at first. We were really pleased with the great number of compartments and slots to put essentials in.We set off on our hike, leaving our more expensive bags behind in opt for these lower capacity and lighter weight ones. Day two, a side strap broke off on the side of the bag. Inspection showed the stiching to be poorly done. This was semi-concerning, as I was unsure of whether the stiching would come off even more as we hiked, splitting the side of my bag in two. I did some minor patching, as we had a tight schedule to stick to and 5,000 feet to ascend.Day three, an internal strap’s stiching broke on my husband’s bag. Even so, we were relatively pleased with how the bags functioned and felt for the price. Main straps held well. The only issue were the smaller straps not being sewn on well enough. Clips could have been made of better material, too.Overall: The price is not a great deal if the fundamental and most important equipment for a long mountain trek starts to fall apart. We will not be using these bags anymore, but for the price (reason for rating 3 stars), it was to be somewhat expected that there were faults. If the bags were a better brand bag, I would have definitely given a worse review.

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