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VEVOR Wind Turbine 400Watt Wind Turbine Generator DC 12V Wind Turbine Generator 3/5 Blades with Controller (400Watt)

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Wind turbine rated power: 400W.Rated Voltage: DC27-54V;Battery Voltage:DC12V;; Material of Wind Leaf: PBT;Start-up Wind Speed: 2.5m/s(8’/s);Rated Wind Speed: 12m/S(35’/s);Rated Speed: 800r/min[RPM]; Low start-up speed, high wind power…


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    I just opened the box on the new 400w wind turbine. The product looks good (see pics) but getting it installed requires a few things that it does not come with. (I will update this review after I get it all working.)1. Packing list says it comes with an L wrench and hex wrench but none found. No mention of sizes needed so have to figure that out.2. The wind turbine has a flange on the bottom designed to attach to an identical flange on a pole or “tower” as they call it. Up to me to find that flange and pole though it looks it may be an optional item I could have ordered if I knew about it.3. I did come with a controller which is listed as optional so I guess I got lucky on that one!4. The instructions mention attaching to a lighting protection or grounding device and to follow our ‘national standards” for that. I have no idea what those are, or how to make a lighting protection device so I have some research to do there.I am going to work on finding out these answers and will update on my progress. I don’t think any of these things are 100% unreasonable to have happen but it would be nice if there was a kit that had everything you needed but the pole – and then told you what size pole to buy.That would be way more fun!Update: Months later this is still in the box. Mounting it turned out to be harder than I thought. The solar I bought is up and running no problem. Highly recommend you figure out how to mount a windmill before you buy one. Or find someone else who can do it for you.

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    Good product which now supplements my off-grid pv solar application. Placed a manual break switch between turbine and controller. Also put inline 50amp fuse to the battery connection. Placed turbine on 15′ 4×4 metal post on house roof with guy wires. Post was grounded with copper line to 8′ copper ground pole. Also installed power monitor on battery output to see wattage being generated. Now installed for several weeks I note power generation is minimal. Constant wind over 7 mph is a must! Also I agree with another comment that hub bolt is not long enough for lock nut.

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    I bought two of these units and installed properly (see pics). I initially gave these 3 stars. I have dropped them to one after finding the magnet motor on Aliba. It is 100 Watts AC 0-50v depending on wind which these won’t start turning till 15mph sustained wind gusting 33mph. Spent all week spending another $1000 on pole setting these up to 30ft. They just seem like they won’t start turning. I am a state licensed electrician and yes checked to make sure that none of the 3phases are crossed (turbine is AC goes into a the included bridge rectifier). Likewise I found the included controller in China for sale. It is rated for 100 Watts. This is absolutely not a 400 watt turbine. I decided to put a 3/4inch drill on one turbine and spin it up to a simulated 40mph wind. Results? Preciously 100 Watts AC. 10.3 amps @ 13.6 volts DC when connected to a deep cycle, half drained battery. I will be returning. I did build poles to handle 110mph zonal ratings for where I live. As u can see in the pics the wires from the turbine are 18ga. That also screams “100 watt” turbine. So let’s calculate power. A 10 amp battery charger for cars or boats uses about 100 Watts @ 120v from the grid. At 40 mph this turbine does 10amps as measured above. Below 20 mph I show about an amp. In my state power is .12 cents a kwh. So a standard battery charger will use roughly .01 penny per hour. Compared to the turbine. At its max at 40mph wind (simulated by spinning motor with a drill to 3000rpms) we get 10 amps at 13.6 volts. Which translates to the generation of the turbine is .01 penny per hour savings “off the grid”. Again that’s at sustained max speed. That’s about $2.00 a week of energy produced at .12/kWh. Factor in a good concrete form and 30foot pole, wiring labor one is at $1000 for everything done right and to code. So technically it will take 20 years to pay back your investment. A single 100 watt solar panel with a grid tie inverter will give you 10x the savings. Well good luck. Just to be clear this is not a 400 watt turbine as measure using the “CE” standards the Company claims they have certifications for. Doug

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