Teton Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag; Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Hiking and Camping Outdoors; Sleep Anywhere; Compression Sack Included; Never Roll Your Sleeping Bag Again

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WARM AND COMFORTABLE: Mummy bag hood is designed specifically to eliminate the gaps to keep the warmth in around your head and face; Zipper draft tube and added insulation in the vaulted footbox provides much needed comfort and warmth; LIGHTWEIGHT AND LOFTY: Lightweight for backpacking, hiking,…

3 reviews for "Teton Sports Tracker Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag; Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Hiking and Camping Outdoors; Sleep Anywhere; Compression Sack Included; Never Roll Your Sleeping Bag Again"

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    Great buy, packs very small and is lightweight. Very happy with the purchase. Will it make it to 5F, not by itself, but does do very well.Used on a 45 degree night and I sweated inside when zipped up, mainly on whatever was touching the sleeping pad. But I was chilled when I opened it up to breathe. I should have packed a sleeping bag liner to allow me to open this bag up and still stay decently warm.The weather turned to 24 degrees the next day and night and it was comfortable. Overnight I wore long underwear bottoms and top with socks and was decently warm the entire night. I did put my full head in and cinch down on to only allow for a breathing hole.It is a mummy bag and your feet are decently tight at the bottom, but I mostly sleep with my feet crossed so it worked fine for me.

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    I got the chance to test out this sleeping bag on a September Iceland trip in different conditions:- camping in a tent, 40s to low 50 F, mostly clear weather: approved, kept me warm and relatively comfortable for the night- camping in a tent, 30s-low 40 F, rainy, windy weather: too cold to sleep, kept waking up in the middle of the night- car camping, 30s F, rainy, windy weather: cozy and comfortable- camping in a tent, 30s to low 40 F, clear weather: actually relatively comfortable for most of the nightIf the weather drops below 40 F, wrap yourself up in real tight. Of course, for particularly bad weather, try to insulate your tent as best as possible. Note that I always sleep with earplugs and an eye mask, so this review is just for how warm I felt. For the price and for an amateur camper like myself who dived headfirst into particularly harsh camping conditions, the sleeping bag served me well. Note that I’m a female, 5’5, 110 lbs who used a scout sized sleeping bag (it could def fit someone around 5’6 too, and probably 20-30 lbs heavier). I also grew up and live in hot, dry climate, so I get cold pretty easily.This wasn’t the easiest thing to compress, esp. if you have to pack up every night, but I got it down to about 10 in wide x 12 in tall with some effort. It fit into my carry-on pretty easily at about 4 lbs.

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    A fair bit of research led me to this sleeping bag. I own quite a few, but wanted something that was light enough to backpack with, packable, comfortable, and under $100. I have been putting together an alternate set of backpacking gear with more of an emphasis on value. The goal being a multi-purpose set of gear that I can loan out to friends on my never ending quest to grow the backpacking community and get more people in the woods and on the mountain.After having used it several times I have not been disappointed. The true test will come when we move into the colder months, as I have only had this bag down to the high 20s, at which point I had to actually open it up a bit because it was so warm, so I expect it to fare well in considerably colder temperatures.This bag is wider than many other lightweight sleeping bags, making for a comfortable fit. It also has a convenient Velcro cover for the top of the zipper which keeps it from abrading against you, and provides some protection against zipper creep. It is worth noting that it can be difficult to fully zip up, and may require a bit of repositioning to get enough slack in the liner to allow it to fully zip. It does get caught on itself a bit as the zipper makes its way up, but not so bad that it becomes frustrating. Slowing down a bit takes care of this problem. The fleece lining does a good job in the comfort department, but will hold some odour and moisture. As with any sleeping bag, especially on colder trips, it is imperative to dry your feet completely before slipping into your sleeping bag.The compression sack that it comes with seals with a drawstring and then offers 6 points of compression tensioning. When taking the time to evenly compress this, it becomes small enough to fit in the sleeping back compartment of every pack that I own. Some more expensive bags do get considerably smaller, and if that is important the Teton LEEF is a great option, offering a bag that is slightly lighter, compresses smaller, and provides an additional 5 degrees of insulation with a safety rating of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The LEEF offers this for a few dollars more (at the time of posting), and I plan on purchasing that next if the Tracker holds up to the precedent it has set thus far.All told, this bag offers value that NOTHING in this price range can come close to with such a low temperature rating. I have no complaints and look forward to using this bag through the winter. I will update my review in spring to reflect its performance when put to the test and pushed to the limits of its comfort and safety rating.Teton has a great reputation, and offer a great value on every product I have owned from them. I look forward to reviewing more of them in the future

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