Teton Sports Fahrenheit Sleeping Bag; TETON Sleeping Bag Great for Cold Weather Camping; Lightweight Sleeping Bag; Hiking, Camping; Great to Come Back to After a Long Day on the Trail

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When you need a good night’s sleep wherever you are camping, choose the TETON Sports Fahrenheit Sleeping Bag. You’ll be warm, comfortable, and have some room to move—comes in two size options and three different temperature ratings. The Fahrenheit is a three-season sleeping bag that’s built to…

3 reviews for "Teton Sports Fahrenheit Sleeping Bag; TETON Sleeping Bag Great for Cold Weather Camping; Lightweight Sleeping Bag; Hiking, Camping; Great to Come Back to After a Long Day on the Trail"

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    I have a 20 yr old, very expensive down mummy bag that I used for backpacking way before I had kids. Now that I’m about 25 lbs up though, that bag just feels too confining so I bought this one for a recent car camping trip (as in car was 10 ft away from campsite). I thought this bag was very roomy and the inside lining was quite soft. I slept warm and cozy in shorts and a t-shirt while the temperature dropped to about 40 degrees at night. The bag did spin a little on me. When I woke up, I was pretty consistently sleeping on the zipper, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. So here is the deal with the length. I am 5’8″ and it was long enough for me but I think it depends on how you sleep. Lying flat on my back with my head in the pillow zone there was plenty of room left at the bottom of the bag. However, lying flat on my back, fully extended, with the balls of my feet touching the very bottom of the bag, it only covered me to the middle of my forehead. No problem for me because I am a side, fetal position sleeper (which there is plenty of room to do comfortably) and I like my face exposed. But if you want to sleep fully extended with your head fully covered, you might want to go up in length, if you are taller than say 5″6″. Oh and no problem squeezing it back into the bag although it is a tight fit. Just need to start at the foot end and squeeze the air out as you roll. I also sit on it to hold it together while I’m shoving it in the bag.

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    Bought this for my husband for a desert camping trip this winter. The temps were in the low twenties at night and it was quite windy. We got the XXL bag so he would have lots of room to move around, but were worried that too much dead space in the bag might cause him to be cold. I even bought some instant sleeping bag warmers just in case. He never had to use them. My husband stayed quite warm and toasty all night long and slept like a baby. The baffle covered zipper also was a great feature as it kept out any drafts from the side. He also loved the way he could pull the top cords near his head and draw in the bag to keep his pillow in place and his head warm. He also had a ton of room in this bag to turn over and stretch out (he is 5’7” and 180 pounds). While I’m sure there are other sleeping bags with more bells and whistles (for more $$), for my husbands purposes, this was a great bag, for a great price with a lot of nice features.

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    Awesome sleeping bag! I did about 5 hours of research before my final purchase and I am super happy.About these bags…there are Celsius and Fahrenheit models of the same bag. It looks like the only difference is that the F model interior is made of COTTON fleece and the C model is made of POLY fleece….so this bag is going to be the higher quality model.If you are 6′ tall or more, you should get the XL or XXL model (90″ long) because you lose a good 10″ of length with the regular model. I am 5’5 and I appreciate the extra length because you can slip your body to the very bottom of the bag and pull the front over your head, completely isolating yourself from the outside world.My intention of getting the XXL bag was to happen upon a sexy other that may not have such cozy sleeping arrangements and stuff them oh-so-close beside me in my conveniently big enough sleeping bag. This bag is small enough to not look obvious to my plan, yet big enough where two smaller people could sleep on their sides, cuddled next to each other inside the bag. There is no way two people could sleep side by side on their backs…..33″ wide is sadly, just not enough. It is good for extra elbow room, which I am taking full advantage of.Teton also sells the mammoth bags that are designed for two people, but if I took that on a trip with me, I would be looking pretty desperate, not to mention, they are huge to carry around.This baby is warm….I got the 0 degree model for my 40 degree campouts because these companies are all exaggerators. I was snugly warm, and not too hot at the same time.One altercation is that the bag does not zip at the bottom, making it near impossible to use as a flat blanket. It does, however have a seam at the bottom so I think I will rip this baby apart and sew on some velcro so I can open it up all the way.The sack that contains the sleeping bag is awesome. You can actually put the sleeping bag back inside after removing it and it comes with straps to shrink the size down a bit. It’s also water-resistant, but I would spray it down with some repellant if I was planning on giving it a good soaking.What more can I say? Great price, will keep you warm and cozy, my guess is down to the 20’s.

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