Summer Balaclava Face Mask, Neck Gaiter – Ultimate Protection from Dust, Aerosols, UV & Elements, Bandana Black

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100% Polyester; Made in USA or Imported; Elastic closure; 0.7″ high; 14″ wide; Keep safe yourself & family. ULTIMATE PROTECTION from dust, aerosoles, sun’s UV rays and elements. Unisex versatile balaclava face mask perfect fit for women wen & children.; Face mask made of CoolMax premium hi-tech…

3 reviews for "Summer Balaclava Face Mask, Neck Gaiter – Ultimate Protection from Dust, Aerosols, UV & Elements, Bandana Black"

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    Let me first say that this product is why brick and mortars are gonna go down! Sad but true. I went to Dunham’s looking for a balaclava. Found an UA balaclava and it was 30+ BUCKS!!!! I had 2 at the register, one for me one for my boy, ready to buy until the price check came back and almost knocked me on my can! I literally handed them back to the cashier and mumbled something to the effect of “no, no, I can’t do this….” I was mad. THEN, I found this lil beaut. AFFORDABLE, HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL, AND NINJA FASHIONABLE! You won’t be disappointed with the purchase. I wear it to run in extreme temps. My boy, age 11, wears it to school when he wants to look cool. Only advice is if you plan to use in extreme temps, like below 10 degrees F, you may need a hood or cap. If you’re running you won’t need anything after you get warmed up. The day I took the pic it was 5 degrees out! Worked well! I love the versitility it affords. Facemask, cap, scarf, bandit. Wish everything in life was as versatile, affordable, and as sharp looking!

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    I purchased for my son’s cosplay outfit. He has 4,000 plus followers so it’s important his pieces are well made. Since he wears a full mask in the front we both love the fact it can be worn on the face but most importantly for him under the chin. It fits well, has great neck coverage and is very breathable. Very happy with purchase.

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    Very soft and comfy!

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