Speks Original (2.5mm) Mashable, Smashable, Rollable, Buildable Magnets Office Toy and Stress Relief for Adults

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Meet Speks; Here is our original set – 512 Mashable, Smashable, Rollable, Buildable, Puzzling, World famous, Fun for adults, All-you-can-build with, Magnetic balls. Magnet flux index less than 30.

3 reviews for "Speks Original (2.5mm) Mashable, Smashable, Rollable, Buildable Magnets Office Toy and Stress Relief for Adults"

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    First let me say that I bought this specifically for my autistic 6 year old to play with at church. The product itself is very high quality and exactly as advertised, but honestly these magnets are too small for hands smaller than a teenager, and are hard to really do anything with unless you’re sitting at a desk or table. I did not send them back, but rather opted to send them to work with my husband (who has ADHD) to play around with while he’s on the phone at work. It is pretty satisfying to play around with these in your hands. Here’s what is great about this product:- Packaging/accessories: I love the packaging that these come in and the fact that they come with a great little storage box, a magnetic plate for building vertical structures and a little manual that tells you how to make basic shapes and more advanced shapes as well. It’s colorful and detailed and very well made/written, which I really appreciate!-Quality: Top to bottom, the manufacturer did not skimp on this product. It’s all very well conceptualized and designed and works exactly like it’s supposed to.-Cool/fun: This is a really unique toy/fidget that people of all ages would enjoy! I think it would make a really cool gift for a friend or co-worker or stocking stuffer for just about anyone! I love that it’s simple science and has no batteries, makes no noise etc.What I don’t like is very simple. They’re just too small in my opinion to be very workable, especially for kids. I ended up buying the 5mm size in a different brand (I was sad to find out that Speks only makes these in 2.5mm sizes) and those are much better and easier to use in my opinion and is what I would recommend to anyone who is looking at purchasing these. See my pictures for comparisons between the two. The 5mm ones didn’t come with a magnetic plate or an instruction manual, but otherwise are great and are also quite a bit cheaper. In short, this is an awesome, quality product, but for small hands or big hands, they’re just not very easy to work with. I think you’ll be happier with the 5mm size. Hope this helps someone else!

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    It is really little,but fun to play with!Recommended.

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    Before you purchase these, just be aware that they are REALLY, REALLY small! The cube of magnetic balls is maybe a 1.5 inch cube. The product description images may be misleading if you don’t have a concept of how tiny 2.5mm is.

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