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SnugPak Jungle Blanket Survival Blanket Polyester

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The Jungle Blanket is a warm, lightweight, less bulky alternative to a traditional blanket or poncho liner used by many people. Snugpak has engineered the Jungle Blanket using Travelsoft Insulation, designed for exceptional performance using ultra lightweight, high loft fibres that work superbly…

3 reviews for "SnugPak Jungle Blanket Survival Blanket Polyester"

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    Woobie versus Sleeping Jungle bag versus Jungle blanket. Ready? FIGHT!If I were going to rank these…Jungle bag would be first.Blanket second.Woobie third.All have the same warmth ratings, and are pretty even there. I have to say, I think the jungle bag has more options.. being able to zip it all up and protect from bugs on your face is an awesome feature for last minute dirt-napping, then you can unzip it to sit/lay on. The blanket is cozy without zippers dangling off of it, but I found myself not using it once I got the sleeping bag. It is a great light weight blanket though, and bonus: if you’re a minimalist, this is useful on your bed AND camping, so you can just take your bedding with you.Don’t expect this to save your butt in 45 degrees or anything like that while in a hammock, but inside of a tent? This might actually keep you pretty warm in spring/summer weather.It really depends on what you want.. if you want an exact woobie for nostalgia, get one. But if you want something slightly more upgraded that packs up a bit smaller, this blanket is it. If you want more versatility, I’d go with the jungle bag.

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    Loved it’soooooo much, i turned mine into a DIY underquilt! Not as thick as the factory made Snugpak UQ, but for the summer/spring ,early fall, it will be awesome! Don’t let the name fool you, its VARY WARM. A little on the heavy side for what it is,but its light years better than a US military Woobie. As a blanket its warmer and softer, and as an UQ its WAY better at stopping wind and keeping heat in. PLUS its water/wind resistant and has antimocrobial properties. The Woobie doesnt even come close! Upgrade your Woobie to a Jungle Blanket!A

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    I’m really excited how compact and lightweight the jungle blanket is,it fits good in my bug out bag, I didn’t think twice for the price. I recommend the snugpak jungle blanket for backpacking camping or bugs out bag or just to have one, VERY GOOD 😊

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