Selk’bag Adult Lite 5G Wearable Sleeping Bag

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The Selk’bag Lite 5G Fully Body Sleeping Bag is made of soft polyester with a durable water resistant finish on the shell providing comfort and functionality for a variety of weather conditions; redesigned for a more anatomical fit and increased comfort. The Selk’bag defies categorization, it is…

3 reviews for "Selk’bag Adult Lite 5G Wearable Sleeping Bag"

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    1) SIZE: If you’re planning to leave the feet on, then buy a size up. I’m a 5’9″ male, medium build, and the Large size bag is just barely big enough to sit in; bringing knees up farther (e.g., bending forward while sitting) causes bad binding around shoulders, hood, legs, etc., plus creates cold spots wherever it’s tight. Removing the boots does help relieve some pressure, but if you’re in an actual cold room (below 60), you will definitely notice the draft up your legs without the boots. 2) TEMPERATURE: I spend a lot of time in a very cold room (40s-50s) and I need to remain fully dressed (sweaters, even thermal underwear) under the bag to stay warm. That said, the bag removed the need for the layers of blankets I was having to work around, so I don’t regret the purchase. 3) DURABILITY: I don’t see this fabric lasting five minutes in the woods. One twig and you’re done. SUMMARY: This “Lite” version of the Selkie bag is for a laugh while lounging around the TV; it’s not really active-wear or cold-weather gear. If that sounds good to you, then buy big and have fun.

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    I love this product! But I do have a couple of complaints that could be addressed going forward. Based on reviews I read about the sizing running small, I ordered a large. I’m 5’3 and without the booties attached, the cuff came just to the ground. If you have any layers on underneath, it gets tight. It really depends in what your intent is for this product . I tried it out in the below freezing temps of Northern Minnesota, watching The Beargrease Sled Dog Race. I know it isn’t rated for even close to that, but with long underwear, sweatshirt, sweatpants, and add a fire to the picture, it did just fine. Take away the fire and it would be a different story. I’m about 170 lbs and there isn’t a lot of room for activities, especially bending or sitting (with layers). Also, the whole bathroom thing. It would be mighty nice to have a zippered butt-flap of some sort. Overall, I love the whole concept of this product! It would be great to see continued improvements with it! If there was a version rated for colder temps, better size range and add a butt-flap, this product would have 5 stars from me.

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    My husband loves this. He wears it at cold soccer games in Michigan. I also wish I had one for myself now too. It is very comfortable and the feet are removable. We bought the XL size, and he is five and nine inches tall and about 210lbs. It is holding up well and rarely needs to be washed.

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