Perisphere And Trylon Games Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Construct a fully working model of a car engine; Features electric motor with over 100 parts, and illuminating spark plugs; On/off controller has built-in sound chip that reproduces the sound of an engine starting; Challenging and fun for the…


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    I read a TON of the reviews and decided to buy this one as a gift for my husband and my brother (ages 41 and 51). I bought extra stuff like screws and lubes and a file because several reviewers said the parts that it came with weren’t top notch and needed a little tweaking to fit correctly. I wanted my husband and brother to enjoy the experience so I went to all that trouble (but didn’t need to) and got extra screws and stuff. The reviews said this would take a several days to complete, but (ha ha) my husband and brother completed it in about 2.5 hours! My brother is a professional mechanic, so he has a huge aptitude for this kind of thing. I felt let down that the experience wasn’t longer lasting for them, but they assured me they had a blast doing it. AND… I could tell they really enjoyed working on it together. They were laughing and having a great time figuring everything out. My sister-in-law and I just sat in the other room drinking wine and enjoying watching them have so much fun. It’s like Lego’s for adult men. So, in summary, I would definitely recommend this product “as is” and I don’t think you need to go out and buy anything extra to make it work. Everything they needed was in our kit and we are very pleased. I just wish I could find a more complex model to “up” the challenge next time! Thanks so much for a great product and experience!

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    The engine is awesome. Tons of moving and intricate parts to assemble. Probably the most detailed model engine that I have seen. The issue is in both the quality of plastic a well as the instructions. Some of the steps were missing. I have lots of experience building engines so it was a breeze for me but I bought this for my son to assemble and would have rather had him be able to do it all on his own. The steps for the ignition timing say to mount the distributor with the wires facing up after you reach top dead center at the #4 cylinder. The object is to base your ignition spark to hit just a split second before top dead center as in a real engine. The problem is, when assembled like that, there is no way to adjust to do it. No matter how far left or right you turn the distributor, it only fires near bottom dead center. I had to remove the distributor and flip it over to where the wires faced down. After a slight adjustment, the timing was perfect. Initially having timing off that much in a real engine would cause the engine to backfire through the intake. Not a good lesson to teach. I also have a stuck valve because the plastic mounting plate is warped. Even more crazy is this company makes some of the best auto repair manuals in the world so I expected top-notch instructions. The plastic that they use is pretty cheap and warped. The manifolds fall off easily. I would still buy it again but just be aware of some of those things.

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    It’s a relatively simple model but it does have some fitting issues especially where the cylinders were involved. The see through block and electrical motor moving the parts in real time was great for visualization but cylinder fitting issues did not allow for completely smooth movements and so the engine would skip where a cylinder would get stuck and unstuck.However, even with that it was a great visualization for how the engine internals work. Obviously it’s simplified with only the major parts being given attention and if you had enough time and sandpaper you could smooth the cylinders out but this really is only a day or two project and probably doesn’t merit the work.

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