OUYZY Face Scarf Cover Mask – Sun Dust Bandanas for Fishing Motorcycling Running

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Pretty cool 3D effectsTraditional head wear patterns looked strength-less and hypo-dynamic, which is bad for wearing stuff! All our magic head wear patterns are printed out by 3D printer instead of traditional machine modeled printing. You can see the difference if wear it up to your face by…

3 reviews for "OUYZY Face Scarf Cover Mask – Sun Dust Bandanas for Fishing Motorcycling Running"

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    I am allergic to grass and have dealt with difficulty breathing, running nose and itching eyes every weekend from spring to early fall each year. I have tried using both paper and 3M type face masks in the past but both were too hot.I tried this and was pleased with how well it blocked grass clippings and pollen without causing overheating.I will purchase additional in the near future.

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    I use it as a virus mask until more n95 masks become available.

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    Long story short, I worked in landscaping around a facility that hosted COSPLAY/Comic-Con events and while riding around with this mask on, there was a point where we rode up near a crowd full of people in super-hero suits and video game costumes LMAO!!! I got off and everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE was staring. It was hilariousssssss! I think they thought I was just some cosplayer making a fancy entrance. Gosh… I’ll never forget that most people would have probably felt embarrassed but not me, probably cause this thing covered up my identity. Geez.. Now that I think about it, even Deadpool was staring for a little. DEADPOOL! XD BUY IT!!! Do note though that if you don’t wash it on the correct setting (and/or dry it) it will start to pillow a little (basically little cotton balls start forming on it, they don’t get big like they do on sweatpants but they are there. Also fading is almost non-existant but after 10+ washes I noticed at least 5% fade.

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