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New Entertainment Desktop Golf

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A miniature twist on the classic game, the Intex USA Desktop Golf Set is the perfect gift for any golf fan. Featuring an adjustable green that makes every hole different and a putting device that suits right and left handers! The golf flag is magnetic to easily retrieve the ball from the hole,…

3 reviews for "New Entertainment Desktop Golf"

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    Great theory, but poor construction. It broke on day two after around 10 total minutes of use. Two faults: Poor gluing of the magnets under the alley and weak, unstable wood veneer used on the top surface of the lane……First the side magnet switch got stuck and would not come back up to the vertical position to set the pins up. I took it apart underneath to find one magnet came out of it’s circle and latched onto the neighboring magnet, blocking the triangle of magnets from rising fully to the top. I reglued it and another one that was loose (only a string of glue kept it from popping out of its socket), and then added 2 drops of super glue to the sides of the others as well. Problem #1 solved. Then I noticed in a good light that the pin dots on the bowling lane were all raised slightly (about the size of a fingertip around each) and the king pin spot had a tiny crack in it. The bumps obviously affect the roll, which is why the ball won’t go where you aim. The veneer must be very thin. There should be a thin non-flexible substrate under this area, like a small aluminum or plastic sheet, to prevent the lower magnets from pushing the wood up. OR, a “stop” installed in the plastic mechanism to prevent the magnet plate from rising any higher then the floor bottom, as without one the spring pressure bangs the magnets up slightly into the wood. Still working on this problem. Very disappointed.

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    Cute for what it is, nothing fancy. Wish they had included extra balls though (my son has lost his) and wish they also included 1 club that was not attached to the mechanism. A free club would make it feel more real. Bought this for my 8 year old son though and he loved it till he lost the ball and then used another ball that was wrong sized to fill in… and got it stuck in the hole… Trying to find a way to get it released without breaking it, but that’s our fault. It’s made well and sturdy and small. Cute. I had debated buying another brand though that included some little trees and landscaping parts… A little tree would be another cute addition, but this does serve the function we bought it for.

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    Worked great! Little magnetic turn-dial helped with resetting the pins. This brings people to my desk to play at odd times. Great for making conversation at work as well as stress relief when breaks are needed to clear your head.

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