Mountaintop 22L/40L Unisex Hiking/Camping Backpack

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FeaturesCapacity: 1.There are 1 hip-belt pockets, 1 bladder sleeve, 2 front pocket and two mesh bottle pouches 2.Front pocket with an internal mesh pouchBearing System: 3.Sternum strap with emergency whistle buckle 4.Deep and dense padded shoulder straps and hip-belt promoting air circulation…


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    Bought 2 of these Mountaintop 40 Liter bags to use as emergency/disaster bags. Both bags seem to be very well made and durable. They have good quality zippers, contain plenty of storage space and overall padding. These bags had a couple of surprises that the description really doesn’t make note of. They both have a plastic rain cover that is built into the bag at the bottom. It covers the whole bag and conveniently tucks away in its own pouch when it is not in use. However, the bag itself is pretty water resistant. The material it is made of repels water very well. Another thing not mentioned is that these bags have 3 pouch storage compartments not including the 2 side mesh pockets and the mesh pocket on the waist strap. The last thing that I noticed that wasn’t really mentioned is both bags have some kind of rigid insert built into the back section of the bag to help it sit upright and not slouch or fall over when it is sat down. For the price, features, and quality this bag is a great choice.

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    So far I have only owned this pack for a week. I bought a three liter bladder for it that fit pretty well but the clips meant to hold it don’t work with the one I got. It would have been nice if they had sold it with the bladder but that would cost more so I can’t whine to much. I have found a way to hold it upright with the creative use of hair ties I’m sure most of you can figure something out.I bought this pack at the full price and consider it a great buy. My intention at the time had simply been to carry extra clothes and towels for my kids on day trips. (there are 6 kids ages 2-10) There is plenty of space for what I need. I really love the hip pocket, I keep my nephews inhaler in it and I just feel safer knowing it’s right there where I can reach it. With my old pack it had to be in the front pocket because I prefer to have it behind a zipper but this is so much better.I am happy with the material and workmanship. It is light weight and at first I was worried but we went rockhounding and it really shined. Not only did it not end up torn by my tools when I fell it also held the fifty or so pound fossil the kids insisted we take home. The padded waist strap made carrying the ridicules rock the two and a half miles home not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.As an added bonus when I take most of the clothes out and tighten everything down it makes a great padded backrest while I mow. I know it sounds silly but the sun just beats down and drains you when your mowing, even on a rider. roll up a towel for lumbar support and toss some ice in the bladder, I even take out the inhaler and stuck my iPod in the hip belt. (it’s a tight fit) With the straps on my shoulders and the waist belt clip backward around the seat it stays in place great and makes mowing the yard so much more enjoyable.Oh and the whistle is loud!

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    Got this on PrimeDay and really glad I did. My only “complaint” thus far is that it’s *really deep* pockets so if you’re using it as a “go to work” bag like I am, you’re either going to have to have small containers for miscellaneous stuff, or have a bag light, or both. But it holds a lot, and I’m pleased.Edited: HOLY GOD THIS IS THE BACKPACK OF HOLDING! Upgraded from 4 stars to 5 and added pictures.This thing held five days worth of clothing (including a pair of shoes), a laptop, an iPad, various other sundries, and *fit under an airline seat*. Attached pictures taken on a twin bed for reference.

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