MorePro E-CG Monitor Watch,Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, Activity Tracker with Enhanced Sleep Monitor for Android iOS, Pedometer Calorie Step Counter for Women Men

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; ❤What Can E.C.G Do?: Updated smart watch adopts innovative electrocardiogram to provide you a comprehensive evaluation of your real-time heart health ,just touch the electrode button to get your E.C.G in 30 seconds on wrist with…

3 reviews for "MorePro E-CG Monitor Watch,Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, Activity Tracker with Enhanced Sleep Monitor for Android iOS, Pedometer Calorie Step Counter for Women Men"

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    I’ve had the watch less than a week and absolutely LOVE IT!! After just having a “widow maker” heart attack, I was looking for a wearable ECG w/o having to spend $400 for an Apple watch.Instructions very small! I emailed tech support and they sent a detailed explanation of setup. Perfect!It monitors your steps, heart rate, blood pressure, sleeping habits and alows one to take an ECG!Since my heart attack, I invested in a blood pressure monitor and a pulsimeter.Heart rate is accurate, blood pressure varies +/- 5 and I compared the ECG with one in cardiac rehab. I am OVERJOYED with this purchase.Once you setup the watch correctly with the app, it will moniter your HR and BP AUTOMATICALLY every 15 minutes!USE THE APP to take your measurements especially the ECG!!! Otherwise, it will not record your results!!Once in the app, you can see the results, averages and details.Not recommending but I accidentally got in the shower with the watch and it STILL WORKS!Display on the watch is miniscule but I recommend using the app.Update: No issues but somehow misplaced the wrist band while charging. No problem, emailed customer service and had a new wristband overnight. INCREDIBLE Customer Service.

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    I placed an order for the MorPro V19 because I have atril fibulation in my heart. It has progressed over the years and I have had several ablations to try and correct this but have had little success. I was using a Kardia device to keep track of my heart as it produced a Medical grade ECG which told me how my heart was doing. I then had to have a Bi-V ICD defibrillator implanted. The electrical impulses it gave off caused my Kardia to become useless. Then I found the MorPro V19. While this device cannot be used for medical diagnosis it does not suffer from the electrical impulses given off by the defibrillator and gives me a clear reading of what my heart is doing. I am thrilled to have this advantage back and hope that it gives me enough warning to go to an ER when it shows an errant tracking.This device also tracks your blood pressure, your pulse rate, your sleep rhythms, number of steps taken, number of calories burned, your HRV rate, your blood oxygen rate and gives you an ECG track which you can share with anyone via email. You only have to pair the watch to your phone and readily available MorePro APP and wear the watch. You can get instantaneous readings by touching the watch or go to the phone and get any of the details in a graph form. And all of this happens for under $50.00! For the peace of mind this watch brings to me it was a needed investment in my heart health.

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    It was a little slow out of the box to get up and running (took a solid 24 hours to get everything synched up and functioning properly) but once it does, it’s an impressive little gizmo. First night it said I went to bed at 8:30pm, but I didn’t go to bed until 11pm. Then I remembered I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30pm. How does it know that? I love that I can get text alerts on it (because I never feel it in my pocket). Regularly monitors BP and heart rate. ECG is pretty cool, monitoring my sleep quality is amazing. I kinda bought this as a “hey, it’s only $40 bucks – let’s see what this is all about” idea. I’m super impressed.

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