MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Backpacking Gear & Hiking Outdoors Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment Cookset | Lightweight, Compact, Durable Pot Pan Bowls – Free Folding Spork, Nylon Bag, Ebook

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BUILT TO LAST! BEWARE OF CHEAP KNOCK OFFS! Highest Quality FDA APPROVED Non-Toxic Anodized Aluminum Camping Cookset conducts heat quickly and is survival gear that is built to last and is perfect size for 1 youth scout or adult hiker backpacker. EASY CLEANING & STORAGE: Entire 10 piece mess kit…

3 reviews for "MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Backpacking Gear & Hiking Outdoors Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment Cookset | Lightweight, Compact, Durable Pot Pan Bowls – Free Folding Spork, Nylon Bag, Ebook"

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    I am a retired US Army NCO who is more than 70 years old, lives in New Mexico and loves to hike and camp. At my age, I’m always on the lookout for good lightweight kit. I do not submit reviews until I’ve used the item. My experience with this little kit was very good.The kit comes with a little fry pan and a little sauce pan that nest into each other. There is a terrific little carved bamboo stir spoon a couple of plastic little bowls or cups a little folding ladle, a sauce pan cover and I got a Prime Day Special extra addition; a nifty little metal folding spork. In addition to all of this, it has a nice little cloth sack with a nicely made plastic closure to hold the little kit nice and snug together when it is stuffed in my ruck sack.I washed it all up, stuffed in an extra pair of socks and a couple of bandana handkerchiefs so it did not rattle (an old army habit).I usually bring a little grub for the trip; a couple of hard boiled eggs, some hard tack, some precooked brown rice with peas and carrots and corn kernels and an apple or two; along with some dark roasted coffee beans. I set up camp after a few hours out. my tiny camp stove heated up and this terrific little kit did everything it was supposed to do. The coffee beans heated up great and the coffee was great.This little kit did exactly what it was supposed to do, it is light and strong, well made and I expect that it will provide me with hot meals out on the backside of the high dessert for years to come. I bought this thing sight unseen and hoped for the best: I got the best.If you come to the New Mexico high dessert, you will see the stars as GOD intended you to see them. Boil up some coffee and when you see the Milky Way, you will feel as if you could reach up and touch the face of GOD.Come and camp in New Mexico for your next vacation; and bring along this little MalloMe Mess Kit. You will never regret the journey or the purchase of this little kit.Signed,Frank

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    These are adorable little pots and bowls, just be aware these are mainly for solo backpackers, the pots are VERY small, and the bowls are like condiment dishes, I doubt you could make an average sized man’s supper in one. See pics for reference.

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    I waited to review until we had some real-work usage with these sets (bought two for backpacking with my son). A+! Thank you for putting this set together and selling for a reasonable cost! I’ve posted pictures of fist and second backpacking trips using this set. Now for a little critique and/or suggestion: Cut about a quarter inch off the spatula handle so it will fit into the set without calling on God or cursing. Throw away to scrubber the set comes with and cut a typical kitchen scrubber sponge in half and place it in the set. Both of our supplied scrubbers started falling apart during the first trail-side use. All-in-all, with just a couple minor tweaks, this set is awesome!

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