Magnetic Levitation Floating World Map Globe Office Decor LED Learning Educational Geographic Political Globeswith Funny C Shape Desktop Stand for Home School Desk Decoration Gift

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PRODUCT FEATURE: 1) Objects continuously revolve in space inspiring wonder and amazement. 2) Ann Bully Floating Map comes with wall adapter (US Adaptor). 3) The MAGNETIC Globe Floats stability, can work steadily for 24 hours*365 days. 4) Easy to install, it is designed by electromagnetic…


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    It works as it should. Floats nicely and I can spin it manually and it will keep spinning for a long time, ultimately gravity interferes and it comes to a complete stop floating.

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    I bought this for the purpose of making a Star Wars Death Star.It worked out great! The Globe is well made and works as advertised.Would buy again.

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    Would have given it a 5 as it is well built and works. But, this frase is a bit misleading as i thought it would shoow stars onto the ceiling once the lights were shut off. (When the room darkens, the night sky will be revealed and along with it the brightest stars in the heavens. How could your kid miss this fascinating educational toy?) All in all, a great value. I think perhaps the seller should mention that it comes with a 100 vold power converter source as it would be a great selling feature.

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