Koblenz PFK-400 Victoria 4-Burner Gas Stove, Bronze

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Koblenz has developed high quality products for over 40 years that are targeted at solving real consumer needs in both the domestic and industrial markets. Quality is designed into the product from its conception. Our vertical integration in manufacturing processes, including metal stampings,…


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    This is one nice little stove. Came with a fitting that allowed me to hook it right up to MhmmY hose and regulator.Has a beautiful blue flame, even with all 4 burners on !!!!

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    Very Impressed. I READ That it is a 4 Burner Propane Stove top. JUST THAT, not to mention… Under $60.00 US Dollars. Its Very Clean Lines. Fits perfectly on my Counter top in my Tiny House. I like that I can actually have the Propane Tank under the Counter. I Love this. I wish they made it in Black, White or Stainless Steel,.. it would be worth Paying For. It has four 4,000 btu Burners, totalling a total output of 16,000 btu’s. Its attractive, the Grill Covers come off easily and Clean up Very Nice. I have mine now mounted by Holes drilled and Carriage Bolts into the Base from underneath. If you are looking for a Stove top for in the Home, or one that you can load up and take out to a Tailgate Party or anywhere.. This is Solid Material, Good Workmanship, and you will be the Envy of the Others at the picnic grounds. I am Very Pleased with the Performance.THIS DOES NOT COME WITH THE PROPANE TANK or Connection Hose. ( What do you expect for $50.00… Thanks Very Much,.. PAckaging was fine, Delivery was good, Box with Additional Hose I ordered arrived in Great Shape.

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    So far so good but things to know.Left to right as it sits in this picture 20 inches wide, 25 inches deep front of knobs to the back of the supplied flare fitting. 7.5 inches tall with back splash attached and about 4.5 without it. Don’t forget, when you attach the gas line the stove takes up more space. I will likely purchase a 90 degree flare fitting to reduce the space requirements.. You will need to purchase a low pressure hose/regulator to make this stove work. It does come with a bit of thread sealant to attach the flare fitting but I used yellow Teflon tape. Knobs push in and twist to allow gas flow like standard stove valves and it lights easily. Lots of real estate for cooking which is cool, I am hoping to use one stove instead of two to get meals done at camp. I will likely have to make up a wind guard but we’ll see how well it works out without it.4 out of 5 stars….dimensions were critical for my application and they are not accurate. I will figure it out.

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