Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone with 720P HD Camera Live Video 120° Wide-Angle WiFi Quadcopter with Altitude Hold Headless Mode 3D Flips RTF with 4G TF Card Modular Battery, Color Black

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; FOV 120° 720P HD FPV CAMERA: This high-quality camera captures memorable moments. See the world through the eyes of a bird on your phone.; ALTITUDE HOLD: It allows the rc quacopter to suspend in mid-air even with your hands off the joystick, for…


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     I own two other drones – a little tiny drone and a largish drone, this one is right in the middle. In comparison to the other two drones, this one flies just as well and has basically the same features (altitude hold, headless mode, emergency stop, 3d flips…). However, my large drone is a little too big to fly in the house, and my tiny drone is a little too small to be satisfying. This one has the right amount of gravitas to maintain a sense of excitement, but not so big that you’re worried about the rotors destroying your house. Overall I don’t have any complaints, and there are some nice features baked into the remote control that I haven’t seen in other makes/models. However, I one serious concern. The phone app needed to run the camera asks for way too many permissions (android app name: HSS2 FPV). It wants access to Device & app history, Location, Photos/Media/Files, wi-fi connection information, bluetooth connection information, device ID and call information. Too much for me accept so I won’t install the app — kinda sucks that I won’t be able to use the camera, but that’s not really what I use the drone for. But be aware of this if you want to use the camera.In retrospect, I didn’t hype the remote control enough. It really is leaps and bounds better than the other two I have. Solid improvement other older models. Also the plug and play battery is an awesome improvement over other models. Much easier to swap and a lot sleeker looking.

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    The HS110D is an amazing camera drone. The app is completely different than the one I have for my other drone (HS160). It is so much better. The app for the HS110D is very clean an refined. Not to mention that there is a fairly accurate battery indicator inside of the app. When you are flying during the daytime and can’t see the lights on the drone, you will know when you have low battery. There is also a flip mode which is pretty cool for doing tricks, but seeing as this is mainly a camera drone I don’t see myself using that feature too much. The flip mode also serves a useful purpose as well as just for entertainment. Because the drone will not do flips when it is low battery, if you want to know when the drone is low battery you can just attempt a flip and the drone will not do it. The actual drone itself is pretty big, especially in comparison to some of the other Holy Stone drones that I own. It has three speed settings which is very useful because once you start flying the drone farther and farther away from you, it is difficult to determine the speed of the wind where the drone is. With multiple speed modes you can easily just kick up the speed to three and fight through the wind. The drone is strong enough that it will not be swept by the wind if you have it going fast enough. The camera on this drone (720p) is also really cool. I like the fact that it has the option to use the app and save the videos and photos directly to your phone, or save them to the included 4GB TF/microSD card. This is really useful since the drone app functions via wifi so since the wifi range is shorter than the transmitter range, you can fly it farther than the wifi and still capture excellent videos. The drone is also very stable. I really like the way it hovers in place. This is really useful because sometimes trying to take a shot of your family or something in front of a overlook is difficult. I’ve found that I can just fly the drone up a few feet and it will stay in place. Then, I just put the remote down as it takes the picture. The large indicator lights on the bottom are very useful, since they tell you multiple things. They tell you if the drone is connected to the transmitter, if the drone is on low battery, if the drone is in headless mode, and if the drone is flying without problems. The remote is amazing, simply one of the best drone remotes I have ever used. The small LED screen at the bottom with indicator lights is so useful as it tells you the status of your drone. For example, it tells you what speed you are on, whether or not you are in headless mode, if you are in flip mode, if the drone is connected. The controls and remote itself are very ergonomically designed which is essential for flying a drone. You don’t want to be worrying about the pain in your hand when you should be paying attention to the drone! Put simply, the remote is amazing. It is a very responsive drone and overall really great. I would totally recommend to a friend, especially at the price point.

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    WOW, when I ordered this it was suppose to come with 2 batteries. When I received it there was a card in the box saying: “For your free battery write a positive review on Amazon then contact us at sales” Wow.. So I bought the three pack with charger and decided I wouldn’t write a review UNTIL NOW!! I just received this in an email from Holy Stone. No where did it mention this when I bought it.”Congrats! Thank you for purchasing the HS110D RC drone.Please kindly note that the charging cable is uniquely designed for this model. We suggest you charge the battery with the supplied USB charging cable.Using a non-original charging cable (ex. mobile phone cable) is not recommended, may cause the short-circuit and damage the charging port.We apologize for any inconvenience that might be caused to you.Please feel free to write back or call us at 1(855)888-6699 for any after-sales issues. Hope to see you again soon. Regards,”Ok, people said they have great customer service but for me, this is a bait and switch all day long. I bought this as a birthday gift for my daughter and they have just about made sure it was a bad idea. The least they could do is put a spare charging cable in the box. Inevitably something will happen with the original one.Update. Just gave it to my daughter for her birthday. The drone is ok but the biggest problem now is there was no instruction manual in the box. None online that I can find specific to this model either. Only a piece of cardboard on the top of the controls telling you what it is with no explanation. Please post a PDF online of this “specific” model and maybe I will update to 3 stars.

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