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Holy Stone HS100G Drone with 1080p FHD Camera 5G FPV Live Video and GPS Return Home Function RC Quadcopter for Beginners Kids Adults with Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Battery

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Upgraded 1080P FHD Camera: 1080p FHD lenses with 120° FOV and 90° adjustable angle that help you capture every aerial moment; 5G FPV Wi-Fi Transmission: Lets you see what your drone see, provides you with clear and fluent live video feed from up…

3 reviews for "Holy Stone HS100G Drone with 1080p FHD Camera 5G FPV Live Video and GPS Return Home Function RC Quadcopter for Beginners Kids Adults with Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Battery"

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    This beautiful, sleek quadcopter LOOKS a lot like my older HolyStone HS300, but is actually much differentOn that HS300 I had problems with battery wires, camera wires, flight time, altitude hold, wavy images and fly-aways.Those problems are now a thing of the past with this powerful new HolyStone HS100G model.Don’t be thinking this a delicate little flyer – with the prop guards in place, her wingspan is a mighty 24″ across!It uses an intelligent modular battery so no more wires and no more guessing how much power remains.The compact transmitter is simple and clean looking but shows lots of information and allows lots of flight control.Due to the on-board GPS technology, the altitude hold and return-to-home feature are accurate and reliable.The safety features are incredible – when the battery runs low, the quad automatically returns to home – if contact with the transmitter is lost, it automatically returns home. I’ve included some images from the 1080p digital camera. The camera sits in a gimbal frame which is controllable at the transmitter – at any time during your flight you can change your camera’s angle of view. For a direct overhead shot, hover the craft over the center of your subject, tilt the camera down 90-degrees, and you are ready to shoot stills or video. The HS GPS PRO app brings the live camera image directly to your phone. It also displays the GPS signal, compass calibration, gyroscope condition, drone battery strength, transmitter battery strength, plus the drone’s distance, height and speed. This very comprehensive flight app also allows limits to be set on the quad’s distance and altitude so this powerful craft will not accidentally leave your line of sight. Excellent thought has been put into the design of this wonderful quadcopter, and the pilot benefits with every flight.-Alan Petersen

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    I purchased a Holy Stone F181C earlier in the year as a beginner and it was so much fun and a pleasant experience dealing with the Holy Stone company- They really seem to have a great customer experience in mind as part of their company plan.The drone came packaged very well and there were no issues with missing parts, broken items, or anything else that shouldn’t happen when you buy something from ANY company. In fact, when you open the box, you see extra stuff everywhere- propellers, landing gear, screws, caps, etc. Also included is a neat little gift in the form of a journal complete with pen and post-its for documenting your drone adventures. There is also an “explosion proof” bag included to drop your battery into when charging, G-forbid anything should happen… This is also a bit worrisome, but Holy Stone can’t be faulted for the limits of battery technology and kudos to them for including this safety measure. Once you have everything out of the box, there is a bit of assembly- all the necessary parts are included (extra as well), but I found the washers to attach the propellers are covered in some grease, making for a messy and frustrating assembly process. Adding to this frustration are the tiny screws needed to lock the props down in place- I found this to be an extreme hassle to a point where I wanted to throw everything back in the box and return the drone, but your dexterity and results may vary. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, assembly (outside of the tiny screws) was easy and I had the drone ready to fly in a short time.The Drone itself is big- I’d say comparable to a DJI Phantom 4 or Yuneeq Typhoon, and build quality seems pretty good- not as durable as something more expensive, but that goes without saying- The remote control is big, not heavy, and easy to grip, and I appreciate the built in phone holder and rechargeable battery (mini usb provided by HS of course). I have an Iphone 7 and the holder was able to keep the phone in place, but wasn’t really locked in because I have a case on my phone and couldn’t tilt and hold the phone in place at the same time… Downloading the app, pairing and calibrating the drone are simple, but took me a bit to figure out how to get the drone in the air. When I did get it flying, the controls were responsive, but the wind seemed to move the drone about a bit and it wasn’t a really windy day- Recording video is easy and there’s a nice consistent audible beep to let you know you are recording- a feature I wish my DJI Spark had. Video quality is great, but the biggest knock I have for this drone is the lack of a gimble- Video was always shaky and if you have a really windy day or are too harsh on your controls, your video will probably be unusable. A tip for recording- Videos will automatically save to your phone and even though there is no mention of this in the instruction booklet, the camera has a mini SD card slot (you’ll have to provide your own.)The GPS seemed to be spot on and I had no issues with that- I’m still testing the follow-me feature and really don’t use headless mode, but will update this review once more testing has been completed.Overall, I think this is a great drone for those who want to advance their skills and want a more serious option before moving on to mid-level price points and tech. As a customer, you can really not go wrong with Holy Stone products as they go above and beyond with what their level of customer satisfaction and what you actually get for the price point..

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    Just received this new drone and it has so much to like. This drone can connect to your cellphone via an app. You can take off and land through the app. You use the app to change the drone’s settings. You can attach your phone to the phone holder on the transmitter to view the camera as you fly. The drone makes landing and taking off as easy as pushing one button. This Holy Stone drone has a sleek and modern design. This drone is recommended for ages 16 and up, but my 8 year old son had no trouble flying it. There is a follow me option which allows the drone to follow and record video as you walk ahead of it. Using the GPS, the drone is able to fly itself back to the “home” location, where it took off from.Holy Stone provides you with extra parts should you need to make a minor repair. That will come in handy since my son tends to be very “adventurous” with his drones. I especially like the propeller guards, for safety reasons. Im expecting this drone to last my son longer than others we have had, previously, mainly because of the extra parts and the propeller guard.The HD camera works flawlessly. Video and images are automatically uploaded to a file on my phone.This is our first drone that uses GPS. Holy stone has its own wifi network that you would need to connect your phone to, inorder for the app to connect to the drone.This is a great drone. its easy to fly, looks nice and the camera and gps features take it above and beyond your standard drones

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