HalfSun Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch with Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter, Pedometer

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HalfSun–Your Best Health Helper. Health Monitor Features Heart Rate Tracker Blood Pressure MonitorSleep MonitorAll-day Activity Tracking Fitness & Outdoor Features: Sport ModesStep CounterConnected GPS Calorie Counter IP67 class Waterproof Work Helper Features: Call Alert Sedentary AlertSMS&SNS…

3 reviews for "HalfSun Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch with Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter, Pedometer"

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    I received this watch 10 days ago and I think I can review this item at this time. This is the 3rd fitness watch that I have tried and also the most inexpensive and my bottom line is that the watch represents an excellent value for the price.Pros: Step count, miles walked, heart beat features seem pretty accurate. Battery life is excellent as I charged this when I received it and 10 days later it is still at 40% battery level. Screen is easy to read. The health app is decent to good and does what you need it to do and was easy to configure. I checked my calorie burn vs on line guides and it was pretty close to suggested burn levels for my height/weight. So all the main features that you want do work pretty accurately. Wrist band is comfortable to wear.Cons: The blood pressure feature like others have noted is inaccurate with systolic number. In my case it was usually consistently about 20 points low when compared to my blood pressure cuff. Diastolic number was pretty close. Sleep results were generally accurate when compared to the information that I got from using my CPAP, but of the 9 nights of sleep, 7 matched the CPAP and 2 were just completely inaccurate, not exactly sure why.Finally, connection issues. My phone is a Samsung 8+ and when you walk out of BT range with the watch, your phone does lose connection to the watch, however almost always, when I walk back into range it automatically reconnects. About once a day, it doesn’t and I’ve found all that I need to do is disable the BT for about 4-5 seconds and the watch will reconnect. Sometimes I have to re-select it from available devices. I had this problem with the other two smart watches that I have used and frankly this is much better than those. Overall, for me, this is more a minor inconvenience than any major problem. This issue might be more phone specific rather than a general problem.Summary: For a $35 smart fitness watch, I find it a very good value.

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    So this review is overdue because this product is so good, I never want to sit down to write it. I have had it for 3 weeks now. It has motivated me so much more than I expected. I was upset with my current weight. My eating habits were out of control. Other than cleaning and running after my kids, I was sitting most of the day. Even though I have been on the smaller side most of my life, I have never been very active or healthy. I didn’t expect this little watch to change everything, but it has. I never want to just sit down and do nothing anymore. Every day is a challenge to see how many steps I can get. I move as often as I can. I dance while I clean. I march in place while I watch TV. I choose to walk places when possible. I walked 3 miles to the store the other day by choice. I had set my goal at 10k steps and thought it would be a challenge. I have actually hit over 20k steps a few days.Since I was moving so much, I started losing a little weight. This inspired me to fix my eating habits as well. Three weeks after I got this watch, I have lost 10.5lbs which is over 10% of my body weight! I am working out every single day. I feel amazing and powerful.So let’s get to the watch itself. It looks nice. I love the large screen. I have sensitive skin, and it has caused me no issues. The step tracker is pretty accurate. Like most activity trackers, it counts your arm swings and not your steps. So if you are pushing a shopping cart, you might not get your steps counted. The heart rate monitor seems accurate as well. I don’t really use the blood pressure monitor, so I am not sure how accurate it is. I will say that it has been reading around the number I got at the doctor a few days ago.I use the sport mode frequently. I love to see how many calories I am burning during activity. It does not allow you to tell it what exercise you are doing which would help the calorie count be more accurate.The sleep mode is the only thing about this watch that is a bust. It is beyond inaccurate. It always says I got much more sleep than I did. I wake up several times a night between the dog, kids, needing to get a drink of water, etc. It will say I was sleeping, but at the same time it shows me walking around during that same time. But I don’t use it for the sleep monitor.The battery life could be better. Maybe I run it down faster on the sports mode. I get about half a week out of it. I try to charge it at night since I don’t need to see my sleep. The charge is a little tricky. Twice I have left it to charge only to realize I didn’t have it connected well. That is the only reason I am sitting down working on this review right now. I didn’t actually charge it last night.Overall, this a great product for the price. It looks nice. It is accurate enough. It is waterproof. It even lets you track your periods. It has made a huge improvement in my health.

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    So far my husband is quite happy with this fitness tracker. He did not want it for the phone connectivity. So, he has not set that part up yet. He is VERY happy with all the other functions of this Smart Watch/Fitness Tracker. It does everything he wants it to do and with pretty good accuracy.We checked the step counter against the counter on his phone and they were within 45 steps of each other. Most impressive was the fact the BP measure on the watch measured within 3 points of our BP cuff. We thought that was pretty dang good for a watch monitor.The display on the watch is large, clear and easy to read. It is easy to toggle between screens. Even for big man fingers. The watch is comfortable to wear and the strap holds it securely. Instructions were fairly simple and straight forward. Packaging is nice for gift giving.

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