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Green-Power America GPG10000EW 10000W Pro Series Recoil Electric Start Generator

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Green-Power America GPG10000EW Pro Series Recoil Electric Start Generator – 10,000-Watt is designed for home, emergency, and recreational use. It offers 10,000-Starting Watts and 7,500-Running Watts. It includes a 6.6G gasoline tank. It has been approved by the EPA. Green-Power America products…


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    Yay, im the first person to review this! .. haha, ok well so far so good. The wheels and handlebars or easy-to-assemble onto the generator. I Put oil in it to the proper oil level, put a little gas in it and it started on the first pull and ran fine for about 2 or 3 mins and i shut it down. I was surprised how quiet it is for its size, it has a good muffler on it. The only gripe I have is that it arrived with a slightly cracked air filter cover, where the crack is located does not affect air flow or debris from entering the carburetor. I’m assuming it got cracked during the shipping process. Other than that no problems so far.. I will update this if I run into anything.

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    Generator arrived on time and in excellent condition. Took about an hour to assemble it and then to fill with oil and gas. Started at the first turn of the switch and worked flawlessly generating power to the house including operating a well pump. A little noisy, but I would highly recommend this unit to anyone considering a portable generator for a medium sized home. Ran the unit for over an hour on less than one gallon of gas.Far superior to my old Northstar generator which cost more.

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    I have no reason not to rate this unit at five stars. The shipping and delivery were professional and on time. The shipping container, box, arrived undamaged. Unpacking the unit was straightforward. The instructions for assembly and set up were adequate, and the process was quite simple. The assembly and set up time was about 1 hour for one individual. Keep in mind the unit weighs 175 pounds. Fueling is very easy to accomplish. A small funnel will be required to add the oil. The fuel line control and throttle choke controls are easy to access. The ability of the generator to adjust to changes in consumption and voltage regulation are both excellent. For a medium large generator the sound level is very good. I compare the sound level to the Champion 3500 /4000W generator used for rv’s. This is quite an impressive unit, and an excellent selection to get LIMITED power restored to your home during extended power interruptions.I feel a little compelled to provide more information about the selection of a generator. Most portable generators are rated for starting watts, in the case of this generator it 8000, and running watts, this generator is rated at 6500. Running watts is the maximum consumption load the generator can handle for a protracted period of time. But don’t plan on running your generator for an extended period of time at the maximum capacity. You will be disappointed in it’s efficiency, or lack there of. The actual consumption that you will efficiently receive from this generator is between 1/2 and 2/3 the rated capacity. Which means the extended electrical consumption for ESSENTIAL systems, should be in the range of 3250 to 4290 watts. For my house that’s refrigerators, a small freezer, a portable ac unit, The internet gateway and router, 2 LCD TV’s, A weather radio, and seven ceiling fans. The rated capacity for all that stuff is about 3370 watts. For lighting we use LCD and CFL bulbs. 4, 60 watt equivalent LCD bulbs use less electricity than 1 incandescent 75 watt bulb. Things like the microwave, garbage disposal, and coffee pot are short duration usage items and do not have a significant impact on generator efficiency. Running your generator at more than 2/3 the rated capacity will have a huge impact on how much gas you have to feed it, and the wear and tear on the components.

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