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GAS ONE NEW GS-3400P Dual Fuel Portable Propane & Butane Camping and Backpacking Gas Stove Burner with Carrying Case (GOLD)

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Price Zone dba J&S International is a company that specializes in camping and outdoor recreation products under our brand, Gas One. We are a leading manufacturer of portable outdoor cookers, burners, and other general kitchenware products. With UL and CSA certification, we provide high quality…

3 reviews for "GAS ONE NEW GS-3400P Dual Fuel Portable Propane & Butane Camping and Backpacking Gas Stove Burner with Carrying Case (GOLD)"

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    I’ve used it about a week and am very happy so far. Well made but not too heavy. It can handle up to 10 inch pan and has a very nice range of burn from large to very small, spectacular for simmering rice. And I really like not needing a match to light it. An IMPORTANT NOTE: I see a stove on the market that looks identical to this but doesn’t come with the propane hose assembly. And I think the option of the two fuels is important. I am finding (exactly what the manual says) that Butane does not pressure right when it is cold especially when the bottle is half empty or less. It will produce almost no flame at those times. It is just a drawback of burning butane when the bottle is cold (not a stove issue). I’m sure one could keep the bottles warm in their sleeping bag to fix this… but other company sounds better. So in colder weather, which can come up unexpectedly when camping, keeping a spare propane bottle around is a good idea. Propane always works in any temperature and it could be the difference between a warm dinner or not, or morning coffee. Overall I find the Butane bottles less bulky and more convenient but pound for pound of fuel I think the propane may be cheaper depending on where you buy it. (most walmarts have both). I also purchased an adapter propane hose that bridges an appliance to the 20# normal tanks and it works great too, and much less costs to run. I zip tied the stove to a shelf in my mini camper and it is working out great. I crack a window when in use to avoid carbon monoxide building up, and am breaking all the rules on minimum distance to things that can burn. But I am being careful. Overall love the stove and both fuel options.

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    LOVE this Gas One stove! I just used it on a camping trip in Zion National Park. It is SO easy to set up and use! I LOVE that I did not need matches or a lighter to start it. I used my green propane fuel tanks I had from another one-burner stove. So easy to hook on and start. I have not tried the butane yet. This stove was hot and efficient. I DID need to create a windbreak from aluminum foil a couple of times, to keep it burning efficiently. It was very windy and raining.

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    Nice stove. The windscreen definitely helps if used for camping. Like the fact that I can use it with standard Coleman type propane canisters. Good control over the burner. Nice carry case, but overall it is bigger than expected. I bought it solely for camping to replace a dual burner stove that took up more space. Most of these ‘Asian’ style single burners only take the specialized canisters except this one. I have only used it with the larger green canisters.I can store a butane canister (backwards), the included propane hose adapter, and windscreen all included in the case. Will be testing it camping soon.

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