Garrett AT Pro Submersible Metal Detector Package with Pro Pointer AT

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Highly Recommended for – Coin Hunting, Jewelry Hunting, Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting, Prospecting, Ghost Town Hunting, Competition Events, Beach/Fresh Water Hunting WATERPROOF TO 10 FEET OR 3 METERS AT Pro is Garrett’s all-new, all-terrain, all-treasure,deep-seeking, professional treasure…

3 reviews for "Garrett AT Pro Submersible Metal Detector Package with Pro Pointer AT"

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    Had several other metal detectors top brands and the pro is far superior. I have only had it a short time and I’ve been getting coins at a 12’”to 15” deep. I don’t usually write reviews but I just had to because I’m so happy with this AT Pro. I bought the package with what I call the carrot. I highly advise this little handy tool makes so much easier. What I like about the pro is you don’t need to be a expert to use it. The auto mode works very well right out of the box. My Dad has another brand that I won’t mention but he paid 3 times as much as I did for the AT Pro and he prefers mine over his and the pro is water proof. We did a test and buried a silver dollar at exactly 18 inches. The AT Pro picked it up with No problem with coil it came with my Dads detected it but his signal wasn’t as strong and he had to change his coil. So we did another test at 24” and the AT Pro picked it up. My Dads didn’t until he changed to his coil out again. I’m fairly new at relic hunting and at first my Dad was skeptical of my purchase at first. But he to is now a believer that the AT Pro is top notch.

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    I am leaving one star feedback due to the fact that the DD coil cover was missing from the package. So far the product itself seems to work great. The features are very useful and the product seems to be well built. This is the second metal detector metal detector we have ordered in the last week, so packing it up and sending it back was not worth the trouble. The first detector we received was not in working order. It was apparent it had been opened before sent out as new. The packing department needs to reevaluate their quality assurance.The only reason I gave this one star rather than five is because the only way to receive the DD coil cover which was part of the package I bought is to return the entire package, which was inconvenient and unneccessary.

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    Had a Tesoro Sand Shark, Broke on me in 3 weeks. Amazon Fully returned the product no problem. I decided to go ahead and try my luck on the Garrett AT Pro. I had nothing but positive results with the AT pro, It doesn’t have a Lifetime Warranty like the Sand Shark, but then again you wont need it.

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