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All-day Activity Tracking: Not only track your heart rate and sleep condition, the smart band will also track your daily activities like steps, distance, calories burned and the minutes you take etc, which help you to get a better understanding of your fitness level.; Blood Pressure & Heart Rate:…

3 reviews for "Fitness Tracker Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Blood Oxygen Activity Pedometer Big Fitness Tracker Sleep Monitor for Women Men"

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     I hope this review is helpful. – Over the past year I tried a couple of Fitness Trackers and this one turned out to be the best one yet.Bottom line first: this is a fairly impressive, versatile and easy to use Watch / Fitness Tracker, great as a gift too..1 – The large square screen is easy to read, bright and with ample resolution2 – An accompanying App (Da Fit) worked well. Check it for a Version Update for the watch…3 – The Biometric feature generated readings on HR, BP, O2 level very close to what I expected4 – Push messages from my iPhone worked perfectly, for incoming calls and Messages5 – Connection between the Watch and the iPhone worked seamlessly: – Pairing was fast, updating the Stats on the app were quick, the watch responded to commands from the App without a hitch and the App was stable in generalI wish a couple of things were better/different:1 – The USB cable has a unique connector but I wish you could use just any regular USB cable to charge2 – Stats on the App are only up to 7-days (or 7 readings). I wish it kept stats for much longer.

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    I will start what is obvious: it shows you the time, either in military way or am/pm way. Anything else, is, well, something to find out. For me, main reason was getting the blood pressure at a glance: does not work! Does not matter if the watch is on the right or left hand, on the outside or inside the hand: it shows the same blood pressure, 162/81. I tried many times, on many days, at the different time of the day and I got the same 162/81. Heart Rate Test is showing 67 BPM versus 70 in my home Kroger device. SpO2 test shows 97% versus 94% in my Oximeter. One of the must annoying option is the one called “Training”. The moment you select one of 8 sport modes (Run, Cycling, Walking, Badminton, etc.) the watch start showing the time, heart bit and the kcal. And you cannot stop it! A short press on the device give you three options: stop, back, pause. Does not matter what you select, you are back to the screen showing again the time, heart bit and the kcal !!!! Another useless option is “Messages Reminder “. Yes, is showing that you have messages but you cannot read them: the letter’s font is so small nobody can read them. I will stop here despite the fact that they are many more options to talk about. The most disgusting fact about this smart-watch is so-called “User Manual” . It is an insult to all persons that will buy it: it printed on a 7.5 x 5.5 centimeters (less that 3 x 2.25 inches) in a “brochure” of 12 pages that contains very small images of the options on the watch. Absolutely no information about how to use it.If you want a headache …..

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    This smart watch can connect to your phone via an app to manage your calls and text data. It also includes a biometric sensor that tracks vital statistics such as heart rate, blood pressure, steps taken, and other functions. It does have the standard features of a normal watch as well including alarm and chronometer. The biometric sensor is passable, but really should not be substituted for a medical device. Most of the readings when compared with a machine are close enough (within 10%). The BP tends to be a bit more spotty in terms of fluctuating readings, but the pedometer and the heart rate are fairly sensitive and can be trusted. I would not trust the O2 sensor, it seems quite off depending on how tight the wristband is. The watch takes a bit to set up properly, but is worth the time investment.

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