Expandable Adjustable Backpack With Waist Strap 39 – 64 L Large 3 Day Military Tactical Rucksack for Outdoors Hiking GYM Camping Trekking Bug Out Durable Comfortable and Lightweight Molle Assault Bag

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; √ DURABLE 3-DAY EXPANDABLE BACKPACK – Are you looking for a heavy duty Backpack for your next adventure? Our Backpack is made of finest 600 denier polyester with vinyl backing. It also has a waist pack for increased safety and more comfortable…

3 reviews for "Expandable Adjustable Backpack With Waist Strap 39 – 64 L Large 3 Day Military Tactical Rucksack for Outdoors Hiking GYM Camping Trekking Bug Out Durable Comfortable and Lightweight Molle Assault Bag"

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    I’m 6′ 4″ 280 and finding a backpack that doesn’t make me look like a giant with a small tight purse on his back is a hard thing to do. This bag has plenty of room for a couple of outfits and a pair of shoes (for a big guy. Smaller people more clothes). The shoulder straps are long enough with room to spare for the fluffier person. It also has chest and waist straps to help spread the weight better. The best part is the accordion zipper so you can shrink it down to a smaller bag when you don’t need the extra room. Nice looking quality seems plenty thick.

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    I bought this bookbag as an emergency replacement for my college bag that ripped. After over a year of use, it has barely broken down at all.The good:1. Space.This bag has a ton of room in each compartment. I carry a 17.3″ laptop in the main compartment, as well as several binders and notebooks without expanding it. If needed, the main compartment will expand and I could carry even more. It also has straps inside that I use to hold my laptop sleeve in place.The second compartment holds my tablet, two computer mice, a bluetooth keyboard, a mousepad, a phone and laptop charger, and still has more room. It has a large mesh pocket that is good for separating your items (I keep my mice and keyboard in it)The smallest compartment holds plenty of pens and pencils, a calculator, a USB thumbdrive, and headphones. This smaller compartment has plenty of pockets of various sizes to hold whatever small items you would need.2. MOLLE straps.This bag has MOLLE straps on both the front and sides, as well as the shoulder straps. I only use the one on the sides, where I have a water bottle attached to them using a carabiner. This is a good way to carry your water bottle, since this bag doesn’t have a pouch for it. The other MOLLE straps I don’t use, though they would be extremely useful if used as a Go Bag/Bug Out Bag. I believe that this bag would be a great choice as a Go Bag because it is discreet, yet can hold a lot of items and has lots of convenient features.3. Weight CapacityI have a HEAVY laptop, which brings my bags total weight to over twenty pounds most days. Despite this, this bag has never shown any signs of fatigue. It also remains comfortable to carry, and would be even more so if I utilized the hip straps.They are padded and seem quite beneficial if you need them.Weaknesses:1. Lack of dedicated laptop sleeve. My other bag and a sleeve inside the main compartment that was meant to hold a laptop and keep it in place. This would be a nice feature for this bag to have, but it sadly does not.2. Lack of water bottle pouch. This was already discussed, but I feel it is worth mentioning again.3. I wore a hole through the material underneath the MOLLE on the front of the bag because I attempted to hang my water bottle from a carabiner on it. When the bottle swung, the carabiner rubbed the material of the bag and eventually created a small hole. I switched to the side MOLLE straps, and have not had an issue with it. However, it does make me question how strong the material the bag is made out of. I have not had any other issues with wear, so it may have been an isolated incident.Overall, I love this bag and will likely buy it again if/when this bag eventually wears out. I highly recommend it for any college student, or anyone looking for a “go bag” or “bug out bag”.

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    I just got this today, so my review right now is solely based on what it looks like out of the box. I will update again later after I have used it.I got this backpack because I needed something big enough to carry all my stuff and sturdy enough not to fall apart. I work in a prison and we work up to 16 hour shifts so I needed a bag I could put everything I need in. I also don’t want to worry about a pocket coming unzipped while in walking from a to b.The backpack is big and has lots of pockets! Love this aspect! I have a place for everything and don’t have to worry about just throwing it all I the center pouch. Everything will have its place.The zippers do feel cheap. Now I havnt actually used the bag other than inspecting it and none of the zippers got snagged or came off. They just feel as if they might. But again haven’t used it yet. Also I paid 26.99 for it..so I wasn’t expecting gold, you know.The only reason I only gave them 4 stars is because the bag was dirty when I pulled it out of the package. The package was taped shut when I pulled it out it was dirty along one side, like maybe it had been dropped in the dirt and then thrown in the package. Not a big deal I could wipe it off. But when I buy a new product I want it to be clean so they lost 1 star.Like I said after I use it I will update the review. I’m hoping it will last. I will be using it 5 days a week for up to 16 hours a day. My last bag i bought from a different company lasted about a year..i hold out more hope for this oneUpdate 11-13-17I have been using this bag everyday for the last couple months and it works great. It hold everything I need..and things I don’t need hahaAltho the zippers seem cheap they havnt snagged or broke. There is an expander zipper on the big part but I havnt even had to use it because it is already roomy. So far great buy..i hope it stays that way

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