EMDMAK Survival Kit Outdoor Emergency Gear Kit with Emergency Survival Tent for Camping Hiking Travelling or Adventures

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This EMDMAK survival kit includes 11 different components. Each item in the cover is well made of high-quality material, very practical and durable. Easy to storage and carry. It’s a must have for any outdoor enthusiasts. It’s also a great gift for our friends who love outdoor enthusiasts….

3 reviews for "EMDMAK Survival Kit Outdoor Emergency Gear Kit with Emergency Survival Tent for Camping Hiking Travelling or Adventures"

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    Well this is one of those odd things to review but I have played with a lot of the stuff in this box for a while so here goes… the emergency blanket I have not touched… mostly because that won’t go back in the packaging but it is likely as useful as any other on the market the wire saw is surprisingly useful and works with minimal binding the pen is solid all around carry it on me daily the survival card is as expected a bit of a gimmick and is only really useful for a bottle opener the knife falls into the category of “better than nothing” take from that what you will the whistle is solid and loud the Ferro rod works and is built into a magnesium rod so that works well together… my biggest gripe is the compass… mine was COMPLETELY worthless it doesn’t point north nor does the clip work properly I ended up throwing it away the flashlight is awesome single AA battery runs like a champ and is bright as all get out not to mention compact enough to ride in a pocket without being noticeable aside from three items ( the knife compass and survival card) I could recommend this as something to keep in your glove box as a bit of extra kit… it isn’t enough to be everything you might need in an emergency but it has some tools that can be useful for some jobs

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    Its a great little kit, comes in a durable case that locks, would be great for short term survival situations, 4 stars because the flash light doesn’t come with batteries for the flashlight, but over all durable little kit

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    I question the true functionality of some of the items in this kit. Quality seems sub-par, especially with the card (which isn’t sharp at all where it needs to be). Some will definitely be useful, and it’s nice to have on hand, but there are nicer kits out there. You get what you pay for. Also, good luck fitting everything back into the box after taking them out. It’s a struggle.

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