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The Phantom 3 Professional continues the proud tradition of DJI’s Phantom series and brings several important innovations to the Phantom’s rich feature set. The Phantom 3 Professional carries a fully stabilized 3-axis 4k UHD video camera for smooth, crisp videos and still photos. To allow you to…

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    First off, this review is about DJI (the company) more than it is about the drone itself. This review has nothing to do with the Amazon Marketplace Seller who I bought this drone from. Second, I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, but considering the circumstances it will be difficult. For this reason, I will use bullet points instead of paragraphs:1) I actually lost the drone that I bought through Amazon.com and for which this review is tied to. It was my fault. One of the motors got wet in the snow and I continued flying it afterwards even though the motor was “sticky” and it didn’t spin freely anymore. The motor finally failed and I couldn’t find the drone after it crashed.2) I purchased a replacement directly from DJI for $750 (quadcopter and battery only. no remote controller, etc) and received it within a reasonable amount of time.3) Right from day one this replacement drone had a bad compass. The compass simply wouldn’t calibrate no matter what I did. Obviously, this wasn’t my first drone and I had experience with calibrating compasses. I literally went to 10 different locations in order to be sure that it was the compass and not the environment causing the compass issues. I even tried calibrating it out in the middle of a pasture where there was NOTHING BUT GRASS. No metal as far as the eye could see. It wouldn’t calibrate. There was definitely something defective about it.3) Without the compass it would it would fall-back into ATTI mode and was almost completely uncontrollable and unflyable. It would drift wildly all over the sky. The fact that I got it landed without destroying it was a miracle. It had a bad compass AND it would not connect to GPS because of that (which is dumb in itself so there’s some bad marks for the drone itself).4) So, after exhausting all options and possibilities I finally contacted DJI Customer Support. I am loathe to contact customer support in any situation and I always go to extensive lengths to solve problems on my own before I do, even when they’re not my fault.5) Without any regard for my safety or the potential damage to the drone, they required that I provide a screenshot of the compass error even though I had explained the issues to them in detail.6) So, I flew the drone one more time, against my better judgement, in order to get this screenshot (see included photos) for them, but I thought it would just be a matter of up and down and done, no problems, provided I could land it without destroying it. Well, it turns out that landing it wasn’t an issue because the drone flew away on it’s own. It flew out of range, lost signal and never “returned to home” by itself and not when I repeatedly pressed the “return to home” button on the remote controller (which gave me a “return to home failure” error). I had been flying it around for about 10 minutes because that’s how long it took for the compass error to appear on the screen. But, just moments after I got the screenshot the drone was gone and never came back. I was NOT in control of it whatsoever.7) I waited half and hour just in case it was just taking its sweet time finding its way home. No luck. I suspected that it flew away in the wrong direction due to the compass error and lack of GPS connectivity and kept flying until the battery died (and I was mostly right).8) VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t forget that I was ONLY flying it because DJI customer service REQUIRED me to AND on that flight it flew off by itself. The technical term is “a fly away” and apparently it’s not uncommon.9) So, I broke the news to DJI Customer Support fully expecting that they would just send me a replacement drone since it was so completely obviously not my fault without any doubt at all.10) UNFORTUNATELY, this was not the case. It was the opposite. They required me to fill out a detailed incident report and they required that I synced my flight records with their servers and gave me the whole rape-kit-right-after-the-rape customer-support-experience and they took absolutely no responsibility for the situation even though it happened due to their requirement that I get a screenshot. The fact that they couldn’t just take it in for repair on my word alone without a screenshot to “prove it” is unbelievable enough, but now this. What an awful experience!!11) Now, I thought I had “flight records” turned off from day one. I don’t use them for anything so I turn them off just like all other features that I don’t use. I’m OCD when it comes to settings! 🙂 So I was very surprised that 100% of my flight records from day one were available for syncing with DJI’s servers. Putting my shock aside I went ahead and synced the flight records knowing for certain that I was simply giving an honest account of the “incident” and that the flight records would no-doubt back me up (so I actually felt a little relieved that they existed). The flight records would make the situation easy to prove and I would obviously get a replacement drone since it wasn’t my fault and it happened within the warranty period.12) Yeah, NOPE.. Not even close! They got back to me in record-time (about 24 hours) with a decision on my “incident report” and flight records. Unbelievably, their determination was that it was “operator error” and they said specifically that I had “crashed it into a mountain at full-forward” and that I was in control of it when it hit the mountain at full speed!!!13) Also unbelievably, they told me exactly which mountain my drone crashed into and where to find it!!14) So, after 24 hours of heavy rain I climbed that mountain and to my utter amazement, the drone was sitting there upside down *exactly* where they said it would be!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there it was!! Unfortunately, it had been sitting out in the rain overnight while it was upside down.15) This is where the story ends very badly. I emailed DJI Customer Support and informed them that I found the drone and that it was in near-pristine condition so I couldn’t have possibly crashed it into a mountain at full throttle. I told them that I was going to let it dry out for a week and then I would see if it was still operational. Again, to my amazement, it was!!! It flew just about as good as it did before the “fly away” incident, which means it drifted all over the sky, had a bad compass and was nearly uncontrollable. Very unfortunately, the camera gimble was bent and the picture on the screen was at a permanent 45 degree angle.13) Clearly, I had received a defective product that had become damaged by a “fly away” on a flight that DJI required me to take. However, DJI didn’t see it the same way. They continued to insist it was operator error no matter how much evidence i provided to them, claiming that their incident evaluation process was completely “objective” so there was nothing that they could do for me.14) In closing, you can see that I did everything I possibly could do to comply with DJI’s requirements and even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary they still would not honor their warranty and send me a replacement for my defective product!!! Their customer service is not only AS BAD AS EVERYONE SAYS IT IS, they are a flat-out DISHONEST COMPANY.If you’re skeptical of my story, just have a look at the attached photos of the drone after I recovered it from the mountain and decide for yourself. Does it look like it crashed into a mountain (or anything) “at full-forward”? AT THE VERY LEAST, I would expect the propellers to be broken but they’re not, they’re perfectSIDE NOTE: I also bought a Galaxy Note 7 at around the same time as I bought the drone. I know, right? I’m having very good luck right now am I? In any case, Samsung’s handling of that situation is an example of how customer support should be!!! Even though I got TWO bad Note 7 phones, I am still a loyal customer of Samsung because of the way they handled the situation (and because the Note 7 is the greatest phone ever made BY FAR, despite the faulty battery!)The short version of the above review is this: When you sell a defective product to someone, you replace it with as little hassles for the customer as possible. That’s how I run my business, that’s how Samsung does it, that’s how most places do it. Not DJI.

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    Prospective owners, please read! DJI has an awesome product with the worst customer service and repair of any company I have ever dealt with in any line of consumer product.The Phantom 3 Professional is an unbelievable piece of technology, I preordered this item in April and received it on May 6th. The first week, I played with the drone a little indoors (stable easy flight), and outside my house just to make sure it was operating properly. The only complaint I had to this point was that it took a good bit of futzing around (and more than an hour) to get the firmware between the app, remote control and onboard the drone all in sync, and that they seem to be pushing new firmware all the time (I like the fact that new software is coming out, but if it is going to be that frequent, the process for applying it should be a little less convoluted). Everything else was brilliant.The weather was going to be great that weekend, so we planned on a maiden voyage down to the Delaware River. The drone performed spectacularly. The video was amazing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr-w7bJbVhY), as a matter of fact, everything about the Phantom 3 was as advertised. The distance, control, stability, camera quality, all exceptional.At the end of this first flight, I was flying by sight and accidentally ran into a tree (you can see this on the video). Again, the drone was fantastic, it survived a bouncy 50ft fall to the ground with hardly any damage. As a matter of fact, I was immediately able to fly it again. Only problem was there was a very small externally affixed ribbon cable on the camera gimbal that was torn during the fall. I was able to fly the drone and see through the camera, but unable to move the camera.On Monday May 11th, I contacted DJI to inquire how I could purchase the replacement part for this ribbon cable. They informed me next day that “The issues that you’re describing require for you to send in your unit for repair.” I assumed this was a mistake, and all I needed to do was call someone and explain the situation… i.e. Drone flying fine, camera working, but immovable with an obvious needed replacement of a small torn cable.I called customer service the following day (May 12th) After hours on the phone with the customer service agent, this was the result:1. They would not sell me a replacement ribbon cable and let me install it myself2. They could not tell me what it would cost to replace the cable if I sent it to them3. They could not tell me how long it would take to replace the cable (only that repairs normally took 6 weeks!!!!!) yes six weeks4. I could not just send in the camera and have them fix that, I had to send the whole drone (even though is was still flying fine). This is hugely important, because it meant that even though the camera is designed to be removed and reattached (DJI even providing additional washers to do so in the shipping package) that I would have to pay to ship the entire 10lb drone to them, vs. just the light weight camera costing me $50 for shipping ground (5-7 days time) instead $10-15 to ship the camera to them via 2-day shipping5. I asked to speak to a customer service supervisor multiple times and was told that they will not speak to me over this issue.I was really upset and took to twitter: https://twitter.com/DJIGlobal/status/598322752446078976After exhausting every mechanism I could find to try and talk to someone reasonable at DJI, I finally broke down and shipped the entire unit to them on May 22nd. Although Fedex delivered the package to them 6 days later on May 28th, DJI did not officially “receive” the package into their system until June 5th. (2 weeks after it was shipped).Since that time it has been a black hole. According to DJI CS, a technician should have looked at the drone and developed a repair estimate “about two weeks after they get it” (well that would have been June 20th). I wrote them on June 24th to request a status and was sent a form letter explaining that “If you call in or email for a status update before the end of the 6th week, the customer service representative will not be able to provide any further update”. This means that I can not enquire as to the status of my $1,300 drone until July 17th (even though it is supposed to be complete by Julty 17th…)Can anyone think of any product in any category that has a more draconian and horrible repair process? There is absolutely no way that you could possibly think about running an aerial photography business using DJI products. You would be forced into the position of purchasing multiple drones in case one has a problem, what photography business could afford to be without its camera for 2 months every-time something went wrong with it?Imagine: Oh, your tripod broke? please send in your entire camera and lenses so we can hold them hostage, without telling you how long or how much it would take to fix the tripod, and please don’t bother to ask us pesky questions like the status of the repair, because we are too busy to actually provide our customers any information.I will post an update when I actually hear back from DJI on the cost and timing of my repair.

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