Covert Escape RG(TM) Flashlight/Tools/Camera/GPS/Cycling Chest Pack by Hazard 4(R)

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Carry gear without using a belt & easily reach your items in confined spaces, such as vehicle/aircraft cabs where your elbow room is restricted. A more comfortable alternative to belt holsters as you won’t be poked by your gear while seated, this convertible harness will expand your carrying…

3 reviews for "Covert Escape RG(TM) Flashlight/Tools/Camera/GPS/Cycling Chest Pack by Hazard 4(R)"

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    GREAT EDC pack. I use this while out walking, hiking or camping etc. You can have a very comprehensive chest pack full of those items you may need. The main removable compartment will hold a G26 perfectly so don’t worry about need to get another holsters. Of course make sure you follow all your CCW rules if your going to carry with it. I clipped a SOG multi tool to the bottom as shown in the pictures. Very happy with my purchase. I searched for months and this was the only chest back that was discreet and easy to carry. The straps are very comfortable and easy to use. You can purchase thicker straps but I would think that these should work fine.

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    I assume that Hazard4’s Covert Escape RG pack was designed with the EDC crowd in mind, but that’s not why I bought it. I’m an engineer, that has to crawl into confined spaces, while carrying an assortment of small tools. Flashlights, a knife, screwdrivers, pens, a multi-tool, tape, tweezers, camera… blah blah blah. This is easily the best solution I have found.While delving into those claustrophobic depths, I have found that most hip-worn bags get caught on various snags. H4 avoids this by providing an impressive amount of strap options. You can wear it under your arm (like me), on your chest, back or belt. With the available extras, Hazard4 offers even more carrying options.

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    If you remove the rear pouch you will get a GPS and/or radio in the back. You will notice some Velcro that can attach to simple Velcro gun holsters. Many pistols can also fit in there without the need for a holster, it then closes with a D clip securing it in place.I took the pouch out since it is so padded for such a small package.The main compartment holds some small items. Bug spray, sun block etc. It can hold a cell phone and keys, not much more.The front two pouches can hold a Multi tool and a flashlight in comfort. I have removed the flashlight and now have a water filter in the front. It can also hold a pen.I keep changing it up for different situations since space is limited.I have preferred to carry it on my chest lately, it makes a good chest rig, it can be carried in different manners on ones side, more than one is needed for some methods of carry.I love the versatility. Size is a bit small but that may be a good thing. Price is high but so is quality.Let me know if this info was helpful to you.

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