Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8-Person Camping Cabin Tent with Built-in Closet

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Enjoy some comforts from home while camping with the Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8-Person Cabin Tent with Closet. This camping tent includes a built-in closet with shelves and a hanger bar, making it easy to keep your clothes and gear organized without having to dig through your backpack….

3 reviews for "Coleman Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch 8-Person Camping Cabin Tent with Built-in Closet"

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    Two bedroom rambler with views and walk-in closet – bathroom not included.First, I did not receive this for free or at a discount. I paid full price, and loved it so much I felt compelled to write a review.This is a great tent. We are a family of four, and we all love camping. We have a queen mattress and two smaller kid mattresses. They all fit in here easily. Space is definitely not an issue, as we also had a 3×3 kennel for our dog in here with us.Setup: Set up is actually really simple for a big tent. The first time I set it up was in the dark with my kids holding flashlights for me, which as much as they tried, the trees and ground was always more appealing to them than where I needed the light. I would say that the first time took me around 20 – 25 minutes, and that is in the dark. The second, and subsequent times have gone much faster, and with more than one person it would definitely be under ten minutes. Alas, I am usually setting it up by myself, so it takes around 15 minutes. Still not bad, as I have had smaller tents that took longer than that! There is definitely an order of operations. 1) Stake the tent down, and then begin with the center poles. 2) When doing the corner poles, remove the stake for that corner so you have some flexibility. 3) Everything else is pretty easy.Pros:The door – awesome, except there are three zippers (one for the D shape, one for the window, and one to open the door) and they have the same color rope on it, so the window and the D was unzipped a few times resulting utter chaos, no not really, resulting in having to zip it back up. What did you think would happen?The closet – we did not set it up for use with the shelves, because they are a great idea, but executed poorly. They sag too much. But we did use it for our clothes bags and camping bin. It is decent sized, and definitely makes the tent more usable for us.Windows – They do not zip up along the top of the window, so while they are great for privacy, and keeping you dry, it still allows air-flow through the tent. Do not read that as the house. err – tent, comes with air conditioning, because it still gets hot on a warm (not hot, but warm) day. Amazingly enough, it cools right down at night.One of the most frustrating things about tents is that they do not take themselves down. I am here to tell you that this tent is no different. You still have to take it down. However, you have to try really hard to not get everything to fit back in the bag, which is most frustrating to me.As a mobile home, it does not come with roadside assistance, however, there are videos out there that show you how to set it up. I suggest watching them before leaving home for the first time.Cons:If you have been paying any attention, you should know that I love the tent. But here you are looking for something to be wrong with it. Okay, I will satisfy your pessimistic side.- The zippers at the door are too similar, resulting in repeated failed attempts at unzipping. SOLUTION- I am going to change the colors on mine so we can tell the zippers apart.- The poles fit almost too good, so getting them into the proper places is a tight fit, resulting in occasional seam stretching, albeit minor. I would rather it be tight though, am I right?- It did not transform into a robot. Not that I was expecting it to, but you wanted some negativity, and it definitely did NOT do this. Tell me that wouldn’t have been cool…All joking aside, it is a great tent and I really couldn’t be happier. I will say that since I purchased the price has increased, and I am not sure if I would pay over $200 without comparing other options in that price range first. I was trying to stay under $200.

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    The first time we took this tent out it stormed. Not just rained, but 60+ mph winds, lightening, thunder, hail, the whole package. My husband and 3 kids managed to sleep and get rested up while I was in panic mode ready to abort the camping trip at any moment.There were 6 other people (4 tents) in our camping party. When we exited the tent at 6:30am every single one of them was in their cars. Why? Because their tents failed to withstand the storm. No joke.We didn’t get a single drop inside our tent. My kids ended up in our tent becsuse even their tent failed (fiber glass pole snapped in the wind gusts of 80 mph).This tent can fit a queen blow up air mattress and have plenty of other room.Every camping trip we have been on this year it has stormed. *again, not kidding*We went camping/canoeing this past weekend and again it stormed beyond belief. There wasn’t a sleeping person in our group. The 11 people we were with all ended up in our tent. Why? Because it is strong and dry that’s why.☆☆☆Our only complaint is, one of the tent stake red loops ripped off the tent our 3rd time using it. We will be contacting Coleman to fix this issue.☆☆☆1st photo is us moving the tent after the storm because the river was rising and it was a swampy mess.2nd and 3rd photos are from a different camping trip. Still rained but this was before the rain.

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    I liked this tent. My boyfriend and I did not have a problem setting it up. There were two little poles we were a little confused about, for like 1 min though, and realized they were for the closet. It was not difficult to set up and we are city people and my boyfriend was a spoiled child who never learned how to do anything for himself. If he and I can do this any normal, competent, human will not have a problem. Took about 20 minutes I think, to set up.

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