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Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove

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Sauté veggies while you’re grilling up chicken, or get the soup going while you’re cooking up burgers when you pack the propane-powered Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove+. This durable, steel-crafted outdoor appliance offers camp cooks a grill and stove at the same time. The stove surface fits a…

3 reviews for "Coleman Camp Propane Grill/Stove"

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    I love the versatility of this stove. I did purchase the griddle to go with it, and it worked out perfectly for feeding five people on our recent camping trip. It’s easy to use, and has plenty of room for everything. Put the left windscreen down to use a pan and the griddle/grill at the same time.

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    It’s absolutely baffling to me why people gave this neagtive reviews. “Um, I put a pan on the grill and it melted”. Duh – the manual says DON’T DO THAT! Another dude – “um, I touched the metal part and it was hot.” Come on – really? You mean the metal flap that’s right next to the buner actually got hot? Holy crap that’s odd.Then this is the kicker – one guy said “the manual says don’t put pots and pans on the grill, but when I tried to boil water on it (presumably in a pot), it wouldn’t work.” Oh, dear. Please tell me you’re joking.The bottom line, don’t put a flippin pot or pan on the grill, don’t touch the metal next to the burner. I’ve used this for about 7 years now, it’s been through no less than 30 camping trips, and it still works as perfect as it did on day one. The gril is awesome for burgers, steaks, dogs, I just did bbq chicken the other day on it, etc. Yes, the side burner is small, but I’ve had several pots of chili or beans on it and it’s perfect for that.This stove is awesome, easily one of my top 5 favorite camping supplies. The negative reviews are nothing more than stupid people being stupid.

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    Just like many others here my grill grate also melted during my first camping trip with this stove! All we did was put some ribs on the grill under med heat in tinfoil. I dont know why they made the grate of substandard metal that can not take heat….Its a GRILL that comes in direct contact with flame! I would gladly pay more if it came with a cast iron grate like i thought it did before I bought it.Also control of the heat on both burners was minimal at best. Its on high, or it basically goes off if you try to lower/adjust the flame. I have sent coleman a warranty claim/email. Still waiting to see what they say as I am past the time to be able to return it via amazon. very disappointed so far. I remember when Coleman made a quality product, but I guess this is what we get now. Its too bad.

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