Coleman All-Weather Multi-Layer Sleeping Bag, Blue

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Whether you’re camping in frigid weather, spending warm nights under the stars, or anything in between, the Coleman All-Weather Multi-Layer Sleeping Bag has you covered. The bag features 3 versatile layers (All Weather, Warm Weather, and Cold Weather) that can be removed or attached at simple…

3 reviews for "Coleman All-Weather Multi-Layer Sleeping Bag, Blue"

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    You won’t take this backpacking but if you really do backpack in the cold you don’t need something like this. I’ve slept in a 30 rated sleeping bag in a one season tent (old canvas with no window sealing…) in 15 degrees. I felt fine except for my face. This is really big for car camping as well. It takes at least two cubic feet of storage space. It is great for when you need to make up a quick bed for company or staying in a place that doesn’t have a lot of heat – it is comfy!It’s made up of three pieces: thick outer shell, thick full size insert and a half size fleece blanket. I don’t know if I have slept in anything more comfortable. They create a nice thick cushion to sleep on but are so cozy warm you don’t need to turn the heat on. You’ll be sleeping in your shorts its so warm. I’ve been using on the couch watching a movie and end up sleeping there!It was put together so well for the photos it appeared that the insert zipped with the outer shell but it does not. There are only three or four cloth loops that hold it to the shell at the center. The same with the fleece blanket. They aren’t the easiest to keep together, sort of like my bed by morning. And it is even more difficult to roll up into something manageable, unless of course you roll each piece up separately but that’s more to take care of.Overall super comfy and toasty warm but takes up some space.

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    First I am from Louisiana where one day it will be 40 degrees in the morning and by the afternoon we are at 90 degrees. Lot of jokes of wearing a coat in the morning and shorts and tank top by night where I am from. So this sleeping bag is perfect for me with three layers to choose from. I can adjust the bag to whatever temp I want to sleep at and adjust it easily if I need to. When I was a kid I camped out in a tent and went to bed wearing shorts and no shirt. By 3 that morning I woke up with my pillow frozen to the tents side. I would of loved to have a sleeping bag like this at that time. It is well constructed and easy to adjust. This is one happy camper for sure!

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    My son’s Bass Pro Shop’s sleeping bag finally bit the dust with a broken zipper so this Coleman is a perfect replacement. A couple things that we love about this sleeping bag:1. The multi-layer system is genius. We live in Houston so it’s basically the surface of the sun 365 days a year. This layer system allows you to cover up with a lighter weight blanket to be more comfortable.2. The padding is extra thick for a little more comfort on hard surfaces.What we don’t like:1. This sleeping bag is NOT COMPACT. Its huge. However, it comes with a really nice duffle type bag to carry it in….I recommend this sleeping bag.

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