Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set, Red

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Classic outdoor dinnerware set ideal for camping and picnics; Durable, double-fired enamelware with a timeless red speckled design; Includes 4 dinner plates, 4 coffee mugs, and 4 bowls; Silverware kit includes 4 plastic-handled forks, spoons,…

3 reviews for "Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set, Red"

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    I bought these dishes, along with the Stansport blue enameled dishes Stansport 11220 Enamel Camping Tableware Set, 24-Piece, Blue at the same time.After just 4 camping trips, these red Coleman dishes look like they’ve been through a war. The blue Stansport dishes with silver rims Stansport 11220 Enamel Camping Tableware Set, 24-Piece, Blue look as new as day one. The red Coleman ones are riddled with chips and rust spots on every rim of every dish. Let me tell you, we do not treat our camping gear poorly. They are always packed away in a crate and stacked neatly inside. These chips are from gentle rubbing against each other while moving their crate. The enamel might as well be sugar coating. (See photos attached)BTW, as of the time of this writing, the Stansport Blue Enamel Dishes Stansport 11220 Enamel Camping Tableware Set, 24-Piece, Blue are about $10 cheaper, and they are much more durable.

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    I wanted to write a review about this dinnerware set because when I was deciding whether or not to buy them I clicked on the reviews and the first 8 reviews that appeared on the list gave this dinnerware set horrible ratings. Well, I took a chance and ordered them anyway because more people seem to like them than not. I was very happy to get my package today and inspect every inch of the plates, mugs and bowls. There were no imperfections or damages like some of the other reviews were saying. I am very happy with my purchase and am looking forward to using this set on my next camping trip. The dishes themselves were a little more tough/sturdy than I anticipated and that shows me they appear to be good quality. The silverware is what I expected from camping silverware and seem to be of decent quality also. I would recommend this product to anyone thinking about buying these dishes to take the chance and buy them. After a few uses I will update my review to let you know how they held up. 🙂 Happy Camping!!

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    I was very disappointed to see that these were damaged new out of the box. One cup was very badly damaged where a one inch section of the cup didn’t have any enamel coating on it all the way through to the inside and the cup looked to be deformed as well. Several of the plates and bowls had bubbles in the enamel and little spots where the enamel didn’t bond to the dish leaving little metal spots showing. The bottom of the box they were packaged in was riddled with little red enamel chips. This is very poor quality and since they are from China it makes me wonder how much toxic lead is in the enamel that is chipping away.

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