CERTAMI Sleeping Bag -Envelope Lightweight Portable Waterproof,for Adult 3 Season Outdoor Camping Hiking.

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Main Features1.Zip two together for double the room.(Joint left-zip and right-zip sleeping bag together through zipper).2.Roll Control Design makes folding quick and easy.3.Half-moon hood with the adjustable drawstring can retain head and you warmer.4 season sleeping bagOur sleeping bags are…


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    Been getting more in to camping and hiking in this last year, and putting my old equipment through the ringer. I wore my old sleeping bag out, and started shopping for an upgrade. I checked a lot of big box, and sporting goods stores, but the problem seemed to be, most adult sized bags, much like my old one honestly, are too bulky for my tastes when solo backpacking. This brought me to the more compact style of the envelope bag. None of the stores around here carry them, do I bought this one blind, from a friends recommendation. Right off the bat, this bag is the perfect size. Comes in its own bag, about 1/3 the load of the ones readily available near me. Used it all weekend, and seems to be a good quality for the price as well. Perfect 3 season bag, that hopefully lasts me a few seasons.

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    I’ve been buying a lot of camping items from Amazon lately. And usually for the prices I find on here I’m sold. I was able to get this opened up and snuggle into just to make sure it would work well. I love it. It’s nice and comfortable and I fit great in it! I’m excited to use this when I go camping here soon! I also love that it comes with a bag for you to store it in.

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    This sleeping bag is extremely comfortable and easily folds up into a nice small bag. The zippers are also very smooth, unlike others where the zipper gets caught onto cloth. The straps on the side of the bag make it very easy to carry as well. Its warm and soft. Perfect for campings. I used it this weekend for camping and had an awesome experience. Totally recommend it.

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