AutoPot 200 Gallon Flexi Tank

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The flexible reservoir revolutionizes water storage. it requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage & shipping costs & takes Min to assemble. The flexible reservoir can fit where other reservoirs cannot go & can be packed away & stored at the end of the season. The flexible reservoir comes in…

3 reviews for "AutoPot 200 Gallon Flexi Tank"

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    Worked well until the bottom seam started leaking. That happened after about 9 months of use (keeping it full). I figured out the bottom stitch holes over time stretch from the weight of the water which result in itty bitty leaks. Sealing of the thread better should take care of this problem.

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    Light, simple, breaks down if I want to store it. Before I always used bulky polyurethane containers. But when I saw this I thought I would give a try, so far so good. Would be 5 stars, but I’ve only had it a couple weeks, so we’ll see.

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    I used this product for a total of 6 months. It sat in the same place in my garage unused and untouched for less than a year. I went to fill it back up and it started leaking on one of the bottom seams. I would not recommend this product for long term use.

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