Automaxx Windmill 600W (12V / 24V) (50A / 25A) Wind Turbine Generator kit. MPPT charge controller included (Amp, Volt & Watt display) + automatic and manual braking system. DIY installation.

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WindMill 600W Wind Turbine The 600W wind turbine is our mid power level wind turbine, made specifically for off-grid residential use in mind. Its DIY set-up instructions and with all the materials needed provided for, you will be able to set the wind turbine up in no time at all. The 600W wind…

3 reviews for "Automaxx Windmill 600W (12V / 24V) (50A / 25A) Wind Turbine Generator kit. MPPT charge controller included (Amp, Volt & Watt display) + automatic and manual braking system. DIY installation."

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    I got this wind turbine generator kit a few weeks back to power my workshop at home. It was pretty easy to set up, set this up with the family over the weekend, the kids loved it by the way.It’s been working fantastically, my solar panels that I had on my roof and only charged my 4 12V 100Ah batteries to about ¾ of its capacity of the week. I use a pure sine inverter to power my power tools and work station lights off the batteries. The first week I hooked the wind turbine on, the battery was full by mid week, was great! Going to purchase more batteries.- Note –I tried to mount it on a single pole and it didn’t seem to steady, I asked the seller Infinite Mall what the problem was. They were surprisingly fast at responding, they really made an effort to know how I have set up my wind turbine before making suggesting me what to do, really impressed with their service. They suggested that I secure the pole with a “Guy Wire Attachment Plate” stiff wiring that can withstand tension on 4 opposite sides of the pole. I made 2 of these wiring sets just to be sure though.I think its really a great value and is great family activity for a weekend. Got a chance to teach my kids about wind green energy at the same time.

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    I wouldn’t recommend this. I followed all the instructions for installation exactly. I overbuilt the tower so it could support a wind turbine three times this size. I put it up and managed to generate .6 KWH the first day .9 KWH the second day, .2 KWH the third day, 0 KWH the fourth day, .1 KWH the 5th day at which point the wind gusted to about 35 MPH and the turbine fried itself even though the manual brakes were on. I opened it up and found that the wires had melted through the plastic in the generator. This turbine has no mechanical braking system, so if you ever have winds above 30 MPH and can’t easily take your tower down in advance, it will destroy itself. If you don’t have a steady 10 MPH wind, it generates almost nothing. If you have a gusty wind, the turbine will spend most of its time in some protection mode, using the magnets to brake. It is poorly constructed and makes quite a bit of noise (it squeaks and clicks and the blades spin, even when its not windy enough to actually generate any electricity). I was highly dissatisfied. Unfortunately my return window has closed and I can’t find any information on how to contact the seller to invoke the warranty. (UPDATE:) After contacting the manufacturer, I was informed that they will not cover damage caused by wind… This is a poor excuse for a wind turbine and will fail in short order if you ever leave it up in winds exceeding 30 MPH. Its a toy, not a serious turbine. For the same price, you can actually buy a real turbine from a reputable dealer like Thermodyne. I would avoid products from WINDMILL. They have really nice cases made of aluminum, but the internals are cheap plastic composites that will not generate the power you want or stand up to a moderately stiff wind. Know in advance, they will not stand behind their products. Caveat emptor!!!

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    I bought this unit about 2 months back and to be honest was a little confused as to how I would set this unit up. The assembly of the unit was simple and easy, just make sure you don’t have any nuts or screws left over and you should be fine (if you know what I mean). I assembled it up easily without the use of the instruction manual until I got to the wiring part. Was a bit confused when the unit had 3 colors (Red, Black and Blue) as a 3 phase wiring system but the mppt charge controller had (Red, Black and White). I was a bit worried that I would install it incorrectly so I asked the seller what was happening (They were very helpful BTW). They explained to me that the Blue wire should be connected to the White, they also sent me a diagram on the set up. I hooked the wind turbine up as per instructed in the instruction manual and “bam, bob’s your uncle!” the wind turbine started generating electricity. We get a fair amount of wind up here and I use the electricity for my tools in the garage on the weekends, I usually use up to 4/5 of the battery bank I have and I’ve always had full battery on the weekends for my wood work.So far, the wind turbine is running like a champ and hasn’t let me down yet, always keeping my battery full for the weekend, especially now getting into winter! I will see how the wind turbine holds up during the winter times and update this at a later stage.

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