Augason Farms Emergency Water Storage Supply Kit

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Drum holds 55 Gallons; BPA-Free water barrel made from food-grade polyethylene that meets strict EPA guidelines; Kit Includes: (2) 2″ barrel plug fittings, 6′ siphon hose with hand pump, Aquamira water-treatment bottles, and a barrel opener; Perfect for Emergency Water Storage in the event of…

3 reviews for "Augason Farms Emergency Water Storage Supply Kit"

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    The discription of the barrel states” provides water for drinking and cooking”. However embossed on the top between the bung holes, the barrel says “Do not reuse for food or drink”. Why does it say that if its food grade and BPH free?

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    Our barrel started leaking from the bottom after only 2 months. We contacted the seller for replacement but they claimed the warranty period had already expired.Very poor quality product and even worse customer service. Buyer beware.

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    Barrel was dented upon arrival. With some pushing and leverage I was able to get the dent out…The funnel pump is NOT threaded to fit into the bung hole. The pump slips in and out freely. I am disappointed in this, as I was hoping to store the pump installed in the barrel so that the hoses would be inside and would not potentially get contaminated and have to be inserted into my clean water. I now have to store the pump separately in a sealed bag until ready for use. I plan on storing this barrel in an outdoor shed that is not temperature controlled. I have heat tape wrapped around the barrel to prevent freezing during the winter while the power is on. If the power goes out during the winter I can power the tape with a generator during he extreme cold days/nights as needed. This large volume barrel would be my first used water due to the outdoor storage and unknown freezing capability, followed by my water bricks which can handle freezing temps without issue and would thaw as they are bought in as needed. I will update this review as time goes on and as needed, but my first thought is even though the water bricks are more expensive per gallon of water stored, they seem more durable and worth the extra $$ up front.

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