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Atwater Carey Mosquito Net Treated with Insect Shield Permethrin Bug Repellent, Pop-up Screen Ideal for Sleeping Bags

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The Atwater Carey Insect Sleep Screen Dome features built-in permethrin Insect Shield technology for long-lasting protection repelling mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and fleas. Each net is made from high visibility, fire-resistant nylon mesh with a freestanding tent for sleeping bags, double bed or…

3 reviews for "Atwater Carey Mosquito Net Treated with Insect Shield Permethrin Bug Repellent, Pop-up Screen Ideal for Sleeping Bags"

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    Useful product, did not see similar ones on the market. The only drawback are the small spaces at the bottom of the wiring that are difficult to keep closed throughout the night. (Note that the netting does not envelope the sleeping nag, but only covers the top)

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    I am very disappointed with this net! It only protects your face, the dome part, as the remainder lays directly on your legs. I used this in Costa Rica where it is way too hot to use a blanket, and the bugs can just bite me right through the net! Also, the back part of the dome doesn’t have enough fabric, and as you turn in the night it lifts up, allowing bugs to come through the back. I woke up with my entire back COVERED in bites that only could have happened while I was sleeping.I had to sleep on a top bunk, and the dome kept sliding off the bed, and it was just a hot mess. All the other people in my group laughed at me for thinking this design would work, and I don’t blame them. I definitely will buy a hanging net for my next trip!

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    The product idea and form factor are wonderful, but execution is terrible. We purchased this for our daughter to take on summer camp where they sleep out in the open. They are not allowed to use tents and after the last couple of years coming back with her face almost distorted beyond recognition due to bites, we thought we had to do something. This product appeared to be wonderful. It is not a tent, not bulky, and covered just the head. It also packs to a small disc that is not too difficult to pack. To our surprise, when we received the item and setup it up in our living room, we found the portion of net above the head is too short. It does not even touch the floor and leaves a big gap for mosquitos or any flying or crawling bug to come in. If we tilt the thing to make the top of the thing touch the floor, then the portion around the shoulder is off the floor. There is just no way to fix it. What should have been done was to give the top portion more material, to make it longer, so it can be wrapped under the sleeping bag, like the rest of the body. Check out out pictures to see what I mean. As such, I can only give it one star. It failed to do its intended function.

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