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If you are looking for a table that’s quick and easy to set up, has room for your drinks and still room for games, and is lightweight the Eclipse Table is the one for you. You simply buckle the straps at each corner and adjust them to allow the tautness that you prefer. Since there are two…

3 reviews for "ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table"

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    I have owned this for a couple years now and it still works great. We not only take it camping but we have used it in the house for extra table space when we have a get together and outside when we are having a BBQ. I have found so many reasons to have this and I was worried at first I would not use it as often as it’d like. It’s sturdy, not fraying and the straps are still staying tight. It’s easy to dust off and I have sprayed it down with the water hose many times. Carries well in the bag and looks like a standard fold up chair.*I hope my review was helpful for you!

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    This table is great. I would have a hard time understanding how it could disappoint unless one did not fully examine it before buying. It has a stretched vinyl top so that means it does not have a solid top. Do you need a SOLID top table? If so, great… get something else.For me, I’ve used it camping and as an impromptu “range table” to shoot on my uncle’s farm, and I thought it was great. It’s easy to carry, sturdy, and attractive. The only thing that you can’t really put on the top is drinks… which is why they included 4 sturdy drink holders down below. If you have relatively light bag chairs, then a sturdy person could probably carry the table and 4 chairs by themselves over a moderate distance. 2 people could easily carry table, chairs x2, and picnic supplies for a couple of hundred yards.I did not get the one with the checkers set. That did not seem like it was worth it, and the side pockets on the plain version seem much more useful for keeping objects close by. You can always bring a board game and set it up on the top.

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    I have to laugh at the people complaining about not being able to place a glass on top of this “table.” Maybe that is why is includes cup holders below the top?Anyway, I use this every weekend. I do a great deal of shooting and it supports my larger range bag, allow me to not throw the range bag on the ground. Underneath I can easily store my drink and things I want out of direct sunlight. My cell phone, sun screen and bug spray slip nicely in the side pocket provided. I highly recommend this for the convenience of it. As you can probably tell, I love it.

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