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Academy da Vinci Clock

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The design of da Vinci’s clock utilizes intricately connected weights and gears to accurately measure time. Power for the clock is harnessed from a horizontal rotary pendulum design. The clock’s speed is controlled by adjusting the weight and balance of the pendulum.

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    After seeing this sitting on the table not working despite hours spent by my husband and son reading and assembling the clock according to the directions, which were worse than some huge Ikea piece, I was ready to return it. However, after examining it myself I decided to give it a try. Having thrown out the directions I went in blind, just using the movements, gears, and weights as my guide. And guess what? I did it! However I gave it 4 stars as the directions are incorrect with respect to the placement of basically every moving part. If you take the time to fit it together and test the gears to see if the turn, especially for the escapement piece which actually has different sized spokes that need to be fitted to ensure the top ticks and the entire piece works. A must have for anyone who loves clocks and wants to actually build the mechanisms from scratch! It is so worth it! I’ve attached a picture of mine and am in love with it. Although it only works for a short time due to the length of the weight, I see this more as a working model than a clock. However, if you can figure it out you can make your own clock which I plan on doing as soon as I can settle on choosing a regulator pendulum wall piece for my office. Enjoy!

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     This is a great value escapement / clock model. The pieces are substantial and easy to separate from the sprue. The instructions were clear, if a bit detailed. Assembly is more fussy than difficult, as close attention must be paid to the orientation of parts. Don’t mix up axles; a ruler can be handy for identifying which is which as they are identified by shape (round or hexagonal) and length in the instructions. Also, make sure that your string is facing the right direction before completing assembly.Once assembled, you’ll be expected to provide your own weights. The weight carrier looks like it’s set up for about $2 worth of quarters, but washers ought to work just as well. The black teardrop weight pictured on the right is ornamental.The ticking action is soothing and this seems like it will make a great desk toy.

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    I agree with the other review that this clock is not useful for telling time but…my 11 year old son built this with no tools and it was a great lesson that not everything needs batteries. We carefully popped out each piece and nothing broke. I was very surprised — it is well made. It took about 2 hours for my son to build. GREAT learning experience for him and very fun for me to listen to him explain how it all works. Very cool project!

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