7 Hawk4k Folding Drone With 4k Camera and Watch Controller

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World’s 1st Foldable Drone; 4K Camera included; Dedicated Watch controller; 2D/3D Brushless Gimbal; Compatible Android & iOS App


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    It arrived a day early… so I could use Friday to return. Never flew it… Quad fired up after charging and the watch was bound by the factory so it sinked up immediately….I was getting excited to go for a flight…but… there was one more thing that makes this quadcopter fly and follow you. The GPS module you wear on your arm. It wouldn’t sink up to the watch? Well the instructions state that you need to set a small button through a 1mil size hole on the back of the module. No Go… tried every combo I could think of. Nothing. With the GPS module on I could tell it was sinking with watch because when I would turn off the watch the module lite would change from blue to red. So I’m thinking the GPS was malfunctioning. I can say one thing I did contact the manufacturer through Facebook messenger and did get a reply. To email someone in the company. It was 12 hours too late.After a bit of research… There are a few rebrands out there…come and gone. I really wanted this one to workout, but support and parts are hard to come by. 7SenseTech did get back to me… not sure what would of come of it, but I would hope that any of you that order this quadcopter… if your listening, 7SenseTech…”They would stand by their product and sell this with a standard controller.” I could of lived without the watch any way. Thanks…hope this helps.

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    Way too complicated to operate

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    I really wanted to like this product. For $600 and 4 day shipping…nope. charged the battery, watch and weird gps arm strap on thing, and finally decided to power it on when it was 75% charged. After reading the engrish in the manual, and some basic Google Fu, I STILL could not get this thing to take off. Do not purchase it, or anything that looks like it. It’s a crappy knock off of a crappy product.

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