260 Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank

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TANK COMPOSITION AND CONSTRUCTION: All 260 gallon tanks is made without BPA, is food safe, is high capacity and structurally sound, has two valves for easy use and water rotation, and fits through doorways. This tank comes with everything you need to store water at home: a food safe drinking…

3 reviews for "260 Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank"

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    Received these tanks as expected in perfect order. I waited for a while (procrastinated) on installing the fittings and filling the tanks. After ordering a drinking hose and water treatment from Surewater which I received last week, I spent a few hours this past weekend finishing the set up and filling the tanks. Everything worked out perfectly. The tanks are great, do exactly what I expected them to do and take up minimum floor space in the process. Should be a one time purchase.

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    The tank is well designed, sturdy, and holds enough water to last through the outages we had with hurricane Sandy. It fit through several doorways to get to its final location. I had left the tank in its wrapping for a couple of months while we got the space and plumbing for it finished. When I unwrapped the tank and tilted it to move it into position, I found the cap was missing. Even though it was a couple of months after the tank was delivered, the folks at Sure Water got a new cap to me very fast. In short, a its a quality product from a supplier that wants it to work for you. I recommend them and it without reservation.

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    Extremely well made water container and was delivered on a lift gate truck which made delivery easy. Would definitely buy another.

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