12 Ultra Bright Glow Sticks – 6″ Emergency Light Sticks for Camping, Parties, Hurricane Supplies, Earthquake, Survival Kit and More – Lasts Over 12 Hours (Green)

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; PERFECT FOR EMERGENCIES, BLACKOUTS, SURVIVAL KITS, CAMPING AND PARTIES – These green light sticks have so many different uses that make them a must have item. You will be amazed with how useful they are when you’ll need them. You can also take…

3 reviews for "12 Ultra Bright Glow Sticks – 6″ Emergency Light Sticks for Camping, Parties, Hurricane Supplies, Earthquake, Survival Kit and More – Lasts Over 12 Hours (Green)"

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     I bought a box of these to give to a friend who likes glow sticks. I gave her several and kept the other half for my kids to play with. Let me just say first and foremost that these are not the cheap little party favors you might think they are. The are legit glow sticks.The sticks are 6″ and have a lanyard string that can be used to hold the light stick around your neck, or your dog’s collar, or to twirl the sticks around in a circle (see video). I got the assorted pack with four of each of the colors – green, red, yellow, blue, white. The colors aren’t NEON or FLUORESCENT but they *are* bright. I guess I would say it is a warmer color but still quite bright.The quality of these glow sticks remind me of the ones my dad would bring home from fighting a fire (he worked for the DNR of WA). They are solid quality so you do have to intentionally break them. My kids ages 10 and 8 had to ask for my help. I was happy to know this though, as I was able to keep track of them better this way.I kept a handful of them out to put in the storm shelter (we live in an area that gets severe weather regularly). I have no doubt these will come in handy in the dark or in the event of power loss.Great purchase, would purchase them again….my kids will see to it.

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    These glow sticks are great. I am an army veteran and I usually purchase chem sticks from army surplus stores but I will order these sticks from now on. Great price, individually wrapped, perfect glow, and they do last for 12 hours. The first six hours is maximum glow. The last six hours the glow starts to dim slowly. There is still a dim glow (no lighting effect) 13 hours later. When I don’t need light I can safely throw it in a drawer. I love the fact that my children can safely play with them or fall asleep with them in their rooms. When I break the capsule inside I normally shake it for 30 seconds and they get super bright. I have read some less than positive reviews about this product but it certainly gets 5 stars from my point of view. I have already ordered more.

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    If you are like me you are skeptical about buying these from an unknown or otherwise not trusted source, as the product can vary so much. Well, perhaps this will help you. Mind you, I only tested one of the 24 out of the box.I pulled one out of the box at random, I had not special way to pick a certain one.At 615 pm on a Thursday I activated the stick. These things are bright. When lights are out it is capable of lighting a 10×16 room.At 0400 am Friday morning I woke up for work. The stick was just a bright as when I first cracked it. It may have dulled slightly, but not noticeable to my eyes.At 0530 am I left work and it was still going strong.At 230pm after work I checked it again. It had dulled significantly but still had some glow left.At 600am Saturday morning the stick had just enough glow left that had I had to read a map at night, I could do so as long as I held the stick close.So, in short, they live up to the 12 hour window they claim, and they just work. Granted 3 may have been a better test, but time will tell, and as with all products I would expect some difference some one to another. Knowing this will not stop me from buying these from this seller again I plan to get another box to keep in my truck and my hunting/go bag.Hope this helps!!

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